Ecoworks Marine Introduces Crew Ambassador Program

25 August 2022 By Laura Shaughnessy
Ecoworks Marine Lineup

Laura Shaughnessy is the former managing editor at Dockwalk. 

Ecoworks Marine, a UK-based producer of sustainable marine cleaning products specifically targeted at superyachts, is launching a Crew Ambassador Program. Founded in 2015 by a father-and-son team, Ecoworks Marine produces a range of green cleaning products for the deck, interior, and engineering departments. This new ambassador program will help them continue to do so more effectively.

“We’re really excited to announce our crew ambassador program. We’re passionate about sustainability and we know there are a lot of crew out there that are, too,” Global Head of Business Development Fraser Johnston of Ecoworks Marine says. “We want to get as many people in the industry as possible using better products for the environment and for crew health. After all, the ocean is vital to the planet’s health overall. It’s also far more fun to be working and playing in an ocean that is healthy and abundant with sea life.”

ecoyacht wash cleaner and ecoteak deck cleaner

They’re seeking former and current superyacht crew to join the program so they can represent and champion sustainability and Ecoworks Marine products. The part-time roles include a trained team of freelance brand ambassadors who will educate crew, provide better dealer support, and personally operate as advocates for change. 

“As a small challenger company, we’ve always had to think of innovative ways of speaking to the industry,” Johnston says. “We believe the crew ambassador program is the first of its kind within the industry. Recruiting active crewmembers to be ambassadors of a better way. We’re really looking forward to working with superyacht crew to develop the program and make positive changes in the industry.”

If you’re located in the Med, particularly in the French Riviera, Balearic, and northwest Italian Mediterranean, contact Ecoworks. In the future, they’ll expand to all key superyacht locations. All interested crew are encouraged to contact Fraser Johnston directly at


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