156-meter M/Y Dilbar Frozen by German Officials

25 April 2022 By Staff Report
Credit: Raphael Montigneaux

German authorities have confirmed that 156-meter M/Y Dilbar is subject to a freeze order under European Union economic sanctions against Russia.

Authorities stated on April 13 that the owner of the yacht is on the European Union sanctions list. The vessel “is therefore subject to the sanction law and could be legally fixed in Hamburg,” according to a statement by Das Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), the German federal criminal police office, on Twitter.

The EU regulations mean that the freezing of the vessel occurs without the need for an official enforcement act or confirmation by a competent authority or federal department. “Rather, all authorities and those subject to the law are directly required to observe the freezing,” the BKA statement added.

Credit: Raphael Montigneaux

At this stage the yacht, which is situated in Hamburg, has not been arrested or seized.

This latest sanction follows those of 77-meter M/Y Tango by Spanish officials and 58-meter M/Y Phi in London.


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