Try This Life-Saving Yacht Maintenance Hack

The words ‘thermal imaging’ tends to be associated with security and surveillance as a way to watch ‘the bad guys’ at night. Sure enough, in the world of yachting thermal imaging is used as a sure-fire way to protect a yacht and those inside, and is often used to keep away from pirates and other threats at sea. But, what if thermal imaging and other non-invasive testing were used to also protect a yacht from future damages and extensive refits?

At the UK-based company GeoTherm, the inspection services on offer utilise thermal imaging as a way to scan a yacht and identify any damage or failing equipment to prevent unwanted situations such as a power outage or water damage.

Able to take place during a yacht’s maintenance period, the non-contact and non-invasive inspections involve a GeoTherm specialist to capture heat-sensitive thermal images of the yacht’s electrical and mechanical systems, or ultrasound emission testing of watertight enclosures. This way, everything from fuel oil leaks and vapours to air leaks in watertight and weathertight door seals, hatches, hull garage doors and windows, can be diagnosed and fixed. These types of issues cannot be seen by the human eye or ear – only when it is perhaps too late.

Some of the yachts that have already undergone thermal imaging or ultrasound testing have been adhering to the ISM Code for over 500GT yachts and SOLAS requirements and have benefitted from the extra maintenance by GeoTherm that was able to occur without hindering any yacht operations or affecting cliental onboard.

Having acquired all the appropriate accreditations (LR, ABS approved), the engineers at GeoTherm are now available for any size yacht inspection. To find out more and how the team can help your yacht, contact the company directly and ask for Tony for free, helpful advice:

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