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Superyacht Crew Safety Training: The Courses You Need

9 January 2024 By Hannah Rankine for Resolve Academy
Yacht crew firefighting training at Resolve Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
All images courtesy of Resolve Academy

Safety is paramount on board any superyacht, and having the necessary safety qualifications is not only mandatory but crucial for ensuring the well-being of owners, guests, and crew. Recognizing the increasing demand for comprehensive safety training, Resolve Academy has taken the helm in providing an extensive range of courses to meet the evolving needs of yacht crew.

“As a branch of the global maritime emergency response organization, Resolve Marine, we take our commitment to maritime training seriously," explains Lana Farrell, executive director of Resolve Academy.

Nestled in Fort Lauderdale, the academy stands as the only MCA-approved fire training facility in North America, offering top-tier, hands-on training with a commitment to constant updates and relevance to industry emergencies that prepares yacht crew and commercial mariners for real-life, life-threatening situations.

Continuous positive feedback from trainees at Resolve Academy speaks volumes about the quality of its safety training courses. Described as "clear," "realistic," and "one of the best experiences of this year" among other comments by students, the academy continues to strive as a leader in marine safety training.

Get Yacht Crew Trained with the STCW Basic Safety Training

Embarking on a role on board a superyacht necessitates the completion of the STCW Basic Safety Training course. The comprehensive five-day program, comprising first aid, water survival, personal safety, and basic firefighting modules, serves as a vital foundation for onboard safety protocols.

While some training academies provide only fragmented portions of the course, Resolve Academy offers the complete STCW Basic Safety Training experience. Acquiring the full set of skills and certifications in one location streamlines the qualification process and makes the journey smooth and efficient.

Additionally, Resolve Academy's program now features an indoor pool, allowing for training through all weather and seasons. The pool is located within the classroom and administration building, providing easy class transits.

Recognizing the need for ongoing competency, Resolve Academy also offers the one-day STCW Basic Safety Training Revalidation course. This option is tailored for crew members before their STCW certification expiration and who have maintained at least one year (360 days) of sea service.

Advance Your Yachting Career with Advanced Firefighting

The Advanced Firefighting course is not only essential for chief officers and senior crew but also an asset for junior crewmembers aspiring to distinguish themselves in the industry.

Resolve Academy offers a combined USCG-and MCA-approved Advanced Firefighting course. Designed to accommodate the busy schedules of crewmembers, these comprehensive courses unfold over a condensed four-day period, ensuring that participants gain advanced firefighting skills efficiently.

In this dynamic training program, Resolve Academy cultivates expertise in the prompt organization of fire teams and effective response to onboard fires. Through a combination of engaging classroom lectures, tabletop exercises, and hands-on experiences, trainees are immersed in practical scenarios, preparing them to tackle real-life firefighting challenges with confidence and competence.

Resolve Academy also offers the one-day MCA Advanced Firefighting Updating and USCG Advanced Firefighting Revalidation course for those needing their advanced firefighting renewal.

Elevate Your Onboard Safety Knowledge with the Basic Damage Control Course

In the pursuit of heightened safety proficiency, Resolve Academy introduces the Damage Control course — a one-day intensive program designed to empower crewmembers with advanced skills in handling onboard emergencies.

This specialized course equips participants with the knowledge and techniques essential for managing damage scenarios arising from collisions or flooding incidents. In the unfortunate event of a yacht encountering damage, the Damage Control course becomes a crucial asset in a crewmember's toolkit, ensuring a swift and effective response to mitigate further harm. The hands-on nature of the course enables trainees to actively engage in problem-solving, communication, discovery, reporting and prioritizing damage repairs.

The Basic Damage Control course proves to be a strategic addition to any crewmember's resume, especially for those vying for competitive roles within the industry. By undertaking this training, crewmembers not only decrease the likelihood of additional damage to the yacht but also minimize the potential for injury to guests, showcasing a commitment to safety that goes above and beyond the standard requirements.

Learn at an Industry-Leading Training Facility

Resolve Academy has recently undergone significant upgrades and expansions in its firefighting and damage control facility. With a five-fold expansion of its classroom space, the academy provides an optimal learning environment.

At the heart of Resolve Academy's success lies its exceptional team of instructors, comprising esteemed professionals who bring a wealth of expertise as active firefighters and paramedics in the marine industry as well as previous USCG and Navy experience. Drawing from real-world experiences, these instructors offer invaluable perspectives and present cases that enrich the learning journey. What’s more, the academy goes above and beyond by hosting members of the New York City Fire Department for specialized training sessions. This unique initiative ensures that trainees receive first-hand insights from some of the most seasoned and respected professionals in the field.

Distinguishing itself from other crew training academies, Resolve Academy takes customization to the next level by tailoring courses to meet the unique requirements of its trainees. This flexibility is particularly helpful for superyacht crews with specific and customized training requests based on their yacht's general arrangement, specific sailing route or planned expedition.

“Our recently upgraded facilities offer cutting-edge emergency simulations, including live fire exercises and real-time water ingress scenarios,” notes Farrell. “Comprising top specialists in safety, our team of instructors provides authentic, hands-on training for real-world emergency response situations. We look forward to continuing to enhance safety and preparedness in the maritime industry.”

Visit Resolve Academy’s website to browse its range of superyacht safety crew training courses or contact the Resolve Academy team if you have any questions or require a customized course.

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