Crew Tell us Their Funniest Experiences

1 May 2020 By Aileen Mack
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No matter the industry, you’re bound to come across interesting characters or circumstances — or perhaps they seem to find you. While yachting is a serious profession with serious responsibilities, finding the fun — or making it — is an important stress release, especially in times of tension. What’s one of the funniest or weirdest things that’s happened to you as crew?

“We were in Miami Beach for a polo match, and the Titanic song [My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion] started playing throughout the boat. A girl thought it meant the boat was sinking and started freaking out.”

Mate Will Way, M/Y All-Inn

“I had a guest on board who, when given a plate, said she was allergic to asparagus, so I asked her, ‘What happens when you eat it?’ She said, ‘It makes me sleepy.’”

Chief Stewardess Chantelle, M/Y Ariadne

“I was cleaning the air handler and took the vent down. There was just a black wall behind it. The steel grate was grilled to nothing.”

Bosun Camden Maycunich, M/Y Never Enough

“I was on a boat that was tied to the dock, but it was so big that [the dock] broke off and started floating away with the boat.”

Chief Engineer Dean Somers, M/Y Never Enough

“Our chief stew while provisioning in Fort Lauderdale kept finding giant purple [stuffed] llamas in her shopping cart and she didn’t know where they were coming from.”

Chief Stewardess Alayna Beebe, M/Y Unbridled

This article originally ran in the May 2020 issue of Dockwalk.

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