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Top 10 Deck Hacks for Crew

30 June 2021 By Laura Dunn
Deck crewmember launches the Jet Ski over the bow.
Credit: Mark O'Connell

If you're new to the deck crew and looking to impress your bosun, here are some handy tips and tricks on how to nail it as a deckhand...

1.   “My best deck tip is to take everything with a grain of salt. This is a serious job…so you’re going to get criticism. [Also] less is more — less chemicals, more natural products.” — Lead Deckhand Nick Sklorenko

2. “Vinegar cleans everything.” — Deckhand Dawn Singleton

3. “I don’t have any little tricks, but what I do have is if you’re going to do something, make sure you do it well. Don’t say, “Oh yeah, it’s good enough for the moment.” We’re on a superyacht that’s worth x amount, and you’re here to look after it and you’re here to maintain it. So, if there is an issue anywhere, you have to do it properly every time, because otherwise you shouldn’t be here.” — Deckhand Tom Linwood

4. “My best deck tip or hack is WRITE IT DOWN! Keep a small notepad on you at all times. Nothing is more frustrating to a captain or owner than having to repeat themselves. Both have plenty on their minds and having to go back over something is a surefire way to get a one-way plane ticket home.” — Capt. David Krokoski

5. “Whenever you’re doing a project or bit of work, compile it all into a bucket if possible. This minimizes possible spills on deck and reduces clean up time by a mile. Efficiency is key.” — Bosun Matthew van der Venter

6. “Turn the bolts in your deck blades upside down and feed them through the bottom with the nut on top. You’ll be less likely to scratch up the windows with the end of the bolts during cleaning.” — Deckhand Reilly Strand

7. “Invest into a good pair of polarized sunnies — the ocean, glare, and sun are cruel to your eyes. Furthermore, always give 110 percent at whatever you are doing.” — Deckhand/Dive instructor Marcos Churio

8. “It is very important to have in your pocket some small, short ropes. Very often, something must be tied up and it must be done immediately.” — Deckhand Oleksii Zolotov

9. “Don’t screw the crew because you’ll end up married...or fired!” — Deckhand Jake Wyborn

10. “If you’re doing projects, record and take pictures of all your work. Any jobs you do, let’s say a big paint job and it’s your first time on a project of that size, take pictures of it…so the captain can actually see the quality of your work. If you don’t have to get a contractor in to do the work, it saves the boat money.” — Lead Deckhand Will Hollingshead


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