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Stars and Stripes: 10 Table Settings for July 4th Inspiration

3 July 2023 By Aileen Mack
An American flag flies off the stern of a vessel underway.

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Especially while out at sea, the summer days can blur together and that’s not a bad thing. So when July comes around and Independence Day is just moments away, it’s time to break out anything red, white, and/or blue on board for all the Americans on board. In lieu of actual fireworks, there’s no doubt that stews can provide a different kind of spark to the table and onboard décor. For some inspiration on how to decorate for the Fourth of July, you can count on stews and Instagram to show off their best:

You can never go wrong with the simple route — a blue napkin on top of a white plate and red plate is classy, plus tie it together with a napkin ring featuring rope. The centerpiece perfectly combines nautical with the nation's colors, and the American flag table runner is a great addition to any table for this holiday.

M/Y Mirabella table
Courtesy of Chief Stew Karly Hinkebein

Lean into the party and celebration that comes along with July 4th by adding lights, beads, and American flag sunglasses to the table. Plus, what party is complete without a disco ball at the center?

Add a nautical twist to your July 4 decor, and consider breaking out some decorative rope to complement the red, white, and blue on the table.

Make use of the space around the table as well as on it — these simple red, white, and blue stripes hanging above really brings the whole décor together. Plus, condiments scream American and are both functional and decorative.

Even with a limited color palette, there’s still room for creativity, like with this American flag centerpiece made from flowers balanced on top of a star.

Put a feather in the centerpiece to add even more flair to the table, and also pay tribute to the times of the feather quill, perfect for celebrating Independence Day like it was 1776.

Stars, stripes, red, white, and blue — obviously the base of all tables on Indepedence Day, but this table encapsulates the American summer. Alongside the flowers, dogs with their best hat and vest, a pickup truck, striped beach chairs, and figurines lounging in the sun round out this table.

Bring the fireworks to the table with a fan napkin fold, which is both simple and striking. And if you ask us, a table can’t have too many tiny American flags.

Any celebration is brought up a notch with red, white, and blue tinsel and balloons — plus, can you ever go wrong with disco balls? They add that extra sparkle to mark the celebration.

If you’re unable to go all out, having red and white flowers on the table with a flag still gets the job done with a more subtle celebration.


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