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Deck the Tables: 10 Settings for Christmas Inspiration

21 December 2022 By Aileen Mack
Credit: Instagram/@stewscapes

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If you’ve been inside a store at any point since Halloween, there’s no ignoring the fact that Christmas is quickly approaching. While there might be no shortage of decorations aboard or readily available in stores, sometimes you need a little help setting the table for the season. Thankfully, stews and Instagram provide no shortage of inspiration. Here’s some fabulous festive ideas for your table on board:

A snowman and reindeer duo can help bring the holiday cheer to any table — and add a dash of fun to any elegant setting.

There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, so save some time with a setting that looks just as great at night as it does during the day with the addition of appropriately colorful candles.

Elegance still has a place at the table, and there’s plenty in this setting with reindeers, delicate snowflakes, and white candles.

Who says that a white Christmas has to include snow? Redefine the meaning by using festive little trees, white roses, and silver accents on the table.

You can never go wrong with having a Santa snowglobe and some fresh greenery on the table, along with a sprinkling of snow.

Add a little noisy fun to your festivities — there will always be room for Christmas crackers and holly in any table setting.

If you’ve got an Elf on a Shelf on board with you, set him up at the table one of these days and put a grin on people’s faces when they discover him.

The reds and greens on the table don’t have to be inherently Christmas-y. Apples, red roses, and green leaves and stones can still make any table feel festive.

Gold and silver accents complement red and green well. This table also includes candies on a white plate to make a snowman — adorable.

And of course, following Chief Stewardess Bugsy Drake’s lead can usher in beautiful results with reds, greens, and golds galore.


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