The Best New Tenders for 2021

30 June 2021 By Staff Report

As owners spend more time on the water, and less time ashore, picking the perfect tender is becoming an increasingly important choice. And with so many shapes and sizes to choose from — open, sports, limousine, catamaran — it is no easy task. To help you get started, here’s our pick of the finest new tenders to hit the water in 2021.

RIBCRAFT 6.8 Tender

Since the success of the RIBCRAFT 7.8 tender last year, the company has introduced their recently configured RIBCRAFT 6.8 tender. In this latest update to the extensive model line, the redesigned RIBCRAFT 6.8 features yacht-like styling and improved comfort. Staying true to their commercial origins, RIBCRAFT has successfully combined superior handling and durability with an enhanced onboard experience to deliver the ultimate sport boat.

“Featuring refined exterior styling and an improved interior layout, RIBCRAFT continues to define what a RIB should be with the redesigned RIBCRAFT 6.8,”  says Matthew Velluto, vice president of sales and marketing. “Updated forward and aft seating options provide for an improved on-water experience; whether using the boat as a family runabout, a sportfishing boat, or a cocktail cruiser. Like its sistership, the RIBCRAFT 7.8, the redesigned RIBCRAFT 6.8 allows you to have it all without compromising: offshore performance, professional reliability, and yacht-like comforts.”

For more than 20 years, RIBCRAFT has proudly built their boats in the United States for military agencies, safety professionals, yacht clubs, yacht owners, and recreational boaters. ribcraftusa.com

  • LOA: 6.83M/22'5"
  • Draft: 0.46M/18" (without engine)
  • Beam: 2.64M/8'8"
  • Stowed Height: 2.032M/6'8" without  T-top or arch; stowed height dependent on final configuration
  • Weight: 2,200 lbs (without engine)
  • Material: Fiberglass hull, Hypalon tubes
  • Engine: Yamaha 200
  • Max Speed: 46mph
  • Passengers: 12

BRIG Navigator 26

Debuting as the new flagship of the Navigator line this year is the BRIG Navigator 26. Although the tender was announced last year due to COVID-19, they couldn’t officially showcase the boat in the U.S. at either FLIBS or the Palm Beach International Boat Show in 2020.

The sporty and safe tender has lots of storage space, including an ample open front deck. It’s fitted with optional features: an aerated bay tank, rod holders, and useful fiberglass tube pads, among others. The helm and the passenger seats are rigged with grab rails and handles to ensure a comfy and safe ride and the wide console and windshield give more protection in rough conditions.

The new Navigator 26 also introduces a new level of customization: the fiberglass T-top, massive A-frame, and tube pads can provide lots of additional opportunities for mounting third-party equipment and accessories. “We put the boat through her paces during the inland freshwater test-drive and the ultimate challenge of navigating her along the Norwegian coastline for more than 1,500 nautical miles in six days,” says Atle Staff of BRIG. The boat switches into the hydroplaning mode in seconds and breaks the 50 knots mark at full throttle with reasonable fuel consumption. brigusa.com

  • LOA: 7.98M/26'2"
  • Draft: 0.46M/1'6"
  • Beam: 2.9M/9'6"
  • Stowed Height: 2.7M/8'10"
  • Weight: 2,646 lbs
  • Material: Fiberglass hull, Hypalon tubes
  • Engine: 2 x 150-hp
  • Max Speed: 55mph
  • Passengers: 13

Williams Evojet 70

The Evojet 70 prides itself on maintaining the “superyacht experience” even when you step aboard a tender. At 7.1 meters and a beam of 2.7 meters it’s got ample space, as well as 235 litres of storage for equipment. Power comes from a Yanmar 4LV Diesel engine with 200 litre fuel capacity, giving the tender a top speed of 40mph. Other key features include a folding rear seat for improved accessibility, a carbon fiber T-Top which folds down to allow fitments in smaller garages and a single lever throttle that delivers “pinpoint accuracy at any speed.” williamsjettenders.com

  • LOA: 7.1M/22'9"
  • Beam: 2.65M/8'6"
  • Stowed Height: 2.64M/8'7
  • Weight: 4,409lbs
  • Engine: 250HP Yanmar 4LV Diesel
  • Max Speed: 35 knots
  • Passengers: 13

Ocean 1 10m Custom

The CE-certified Ocean 1 10-meter custom tender has received a great response with the latest delivery for the 95-meter Feadship M/Y Bliss. Featuring an efficient hull and folding carbon hardtop to fit comfortably inside the garage, the tender cruises at 45 knots, with a flush glass instrument panel, Garmin electronics, and Seetrac tender tracking, which provides real-time information and status of the watercraft. The tender includes a custom sound system and premium weather-proof leather upholstery, adding up to an extremely sea-friendly vessel. ocean1yachts.com

  • LOA: 10M/32'10"
  • Draft: 7.3M/24'
  • Beam: 2.7M/8'10"
  • Stowed Height: 1.8M/6'
  • Weight: 9,500 lbs
  • Material: GRP
  • Engine: Inboard
  • Max Speed: 55 knots
  • Passengers: 13

PRJ Yachts CAT40

When Capt. Pedro Camargo moved shoreside a few years ago, he took all his captain’s knowledge and created the “versatile and practical” PRJ CAT40 shadow. He selected the catamaran profile due to the platform’s extra space, shallow draft, stability, and performance, he says. A so-called shadow tender, the 40-footer allows ample storage for both toys and dive gear on board — including dive compressor — with a cabin and head with air conditioning below. Up top, the 107 square feet of hardtop offers extra protection from the elements, with 215 square feet of deck space to fit 12. The bow ramp makes the tender safer (and more comfortable) for boarding and is accessible to all — Capt. Camargo designed the electric ramp at 33 inches wide to fit the width of a wheelchair. The two 400-hp Mercury Verado engines can propel guests to 50 miles per hour; at 35 miles per hour, the tender uses one gallon of fuel per mile. prjboats.com

  • LOA: 12.2M/40'
  • Draft: 0.76M/2'6"
  • Beam: 3.4M/11'2"
  • Weight: 5,400kg
  • Material: HD PVC foam, vinyl ester, glass/carbon fiber
  • Engine: 2x 400-hp Mercury Verado
  • Max Speed: 50mph
  • Passengers: 12

Castoldi Jet Tender 23

Castoldi is the established brand for reliable everyday tenders. Its new seven-meter Jet Tender 23 will replace the brand’s previous model of the same size and it’s a genuinely different beast. The new hull is a 24-degree deep V in Kevlar single skin construction, while the superstructure recalls the next-generation JT 25, with its fresher look. “JT 23 is a shorter version of JT 25 and shares with it everything, from the propulsion system to the equipment,” says Giacomo Castoldi. Solid, stylish, and with a top speed of 45 knots, JT 23 is a worthy addition to the range. www.castoldijet.it

  • LOA: 7.1M/23'4"
  • Draft: 7.3M/24'
  • Beam: 2.6M/8'6"
  • Stowed Height: 1.22M/4'
  • (with folded console)
  • Weight: 1,760kg
  • Material: Kevlar and vinyl ester resin hull; Hypalon tubes
  • Engine: 250/370 mHP Yanmar diesel
  • Max Speed: 45 knots (with most powerful engine option)
  • Passengers: 14

Inventech Marine 39' Yachtline

With a top speed of 54 knots via triple Yamaha 425 XTOs, this 12-meter was built for performance while remaining comfortable at high speeds. Notably, everyone seated inside (not just those at the helm) get a softer experience thanks to military-grade suspension seating. The head and galley are finished to yacht standards, there’s a comfortable dining area aft, while a bow passerelle folds down for easy beach access. Hull No. 1 was delivered last summer, while a second is planned to start production this spring. inventechmarine.com

  • LOA: 12.34M/40'6"
  • Draft: 0.76M/2'6"
  • Beam: 2.7M/8'10"
  • Weight: 10,900kg
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Engine: 3x Yamaha 425s, 2x Mercury 600s
  • Max Speed: 54 knots
  • Passengers: 16

Williams Dieseljet 415

The world’s leading jet tender specialist Williams Jet Tenders have added a new model to its DieselJet range. The DieselJet 415 brings the craft, practicality, and comfort of DieselJets to owners of 75-foot yachts for the first time. With a centrally mounted engine and low-sitting tubes, the tender is well under your control and highly maneuverable with pinpoint accuracy at low or high speeds. The durable, corrosion-resistant jet pumps allow for minimal maintenance to give you more time on other tasks. The tender is available in fully customizable molding colors, tubes, and upholstery to match the yacht. williamsjettenders.com

  • LOA: 4.16M/13'8"
  • Draft: 0.3M/1'
  • Beam: 1.96M/6'5"
  • Stowed Height: 1.38M/4'6"
  • Weight: 800kg
  • Engine: 110hp Yanmar 4JH Diesel
  • Max Speed: 40mph
  • Passengers: 6

Highfield Boats USA Sport 650

Highfield Boats went big this year when they released 11 new models in their new sport RIB collection. Each tender is aluminum-hulled and outboard-powered, ranging from 10 to 26 feet.

The Sport 650’s have comfortable teak-pattern EVA, which means it’ll be soft to the feet and won’t get hot. It comes with multiple comfortable driving positions thanks to its flip-up standing bolster and the wide bow boarding step with roller and cleat makes it easy to anchor.

“What makes Highfield different than other tenders is the combination of the durable, dependable, and maintenance-free aluminum hull with all the luxury features [that] are popular for passengers,” says Michael Carroll, marketing and business development for Highfield Boats USA. “Yacht crew have enough to worry about to keep guests happy; they don’t need to worry about their tender.”

Custom options include sun pads, sport arches, built-in freshwater showers, and six color options (the default is white/gray). highfieldnorthamerica.com

  • LOA: 6.35M/20'10"
  • Draft: 9.14M/30"
  • Beam: 2.54M/8'3"
  • Weight: 782kg/1,726 lbs
  • Material: Aluminum hull/ Hypalon tube set
  • Engine: 150-hp
  • Max Speed: 43 knots
  • Passengers: 13

Flexboat FLEX 1100 Open

After successfully introducing the outboard-powered FLEX 1100 Cabin in October 2019, Flexboat launched the FLEX 1100 Open in December 2020. Offering the ultimate in performance, exclusivity, and comfort, the 38-meter tender features innovative design and revolutionary technology and aesthetics. The seats are carbon fiber with Hinterschaum upholstery that does not soak when wet, and the anti-shock system absorbs impacts and assures a comfortable ride. flexboatinternational.com

  • LOA: 11.58M/38'
  • Draft: 0.45M/ 1'6"
  • Beam: 3.8M/12'6"
  • Stowed Height: 3.75M/12'4"
  • Weight: 15,400 lbs  (without engines)
  • Material: Fiberglass Hull
  • Engines: 2 sterndrive (gasoline or diesel) from 260- to 430-hp
  • Max Speed: 51mph
  • Passengers: 16

Iguana X100

The 10 meter Iguana X100 can accommodate a party of 12, while still reaching her top speed of 50 knots. Fishing, water skiing, sunbathing, and adventure are all possible — the tender’s design means access to and from the water is easy. So much so, in fact, that the designers claim to have eradicated “80 percent of boating accidents when passengers embark and disembark.” The tender is made from sturdy materials, including Hypalon 866 grade tubes, while being powered with twin 300-hp outboards. As steady on land as she is on water, the Iguana comes complete with a secure ladder — perfect for families who take time to board. iguana-yachts.com

  • LOA: 9.44M/31'
  • Beam: 3.4M/11′
  • Weight: 7,495 lbs
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Engine: Outboard
  • Max Speed: 50 knots
  • Passengers: 12


AB Inflatables came out with a couple of new jet tenders in 2021, including their ABJET 350XP. According to the company, the tender has become one of their top sellers due to excellent reviews and popular size. The ABJET 350XP comes equipped with a convenient removable lateral seat that ensures an experience like none other, according to the company. “Customers are always asking for versatility, and that is what we have delivered here,” says Jaime Cristancho, AB marketing and sales manager. “The boat, powered by BRP-Rotax® 90 ACE with 90-hp, is modern, sleek, and unmatched in quality.” abinflatables.com

  • LOA: 3.44M/11'3"
  • Draft: 0.37M/1'3"
  • Beam: 1.78M/5'10"
  • Stowed Height: 0.86M/2'10"
  • Weight: 345kg/761 lbs
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Engine: Rotax® 90 ACE with 90-hp
  • Max Speed: 43mph
  • Passengers: 5

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