Voly Launches Software Certification Program

27 July 2023 Staff Report
Yacht crew member completing the Voly Software Certification
Credit: Voly

Chances are if you’ve been in the yachting industry a while that you’ve heard of Voly, the financial management platform used on board yachts. Typically, crew have learned how to use Voly if the yacht they are on uses the platform, but in recent years, crew have sought out training before joining a vessel and Voly has had to redirect them to third-party training providers. But with their new training program, the Voly Software Certification, crew can learn from the creators of the software and gain the necessary skills and expertise to maximize their use of the platform.

The fully online program consists of eight modules that comprehensively cover all core functionalities of the Voly accounting platform. Each module takes approximately five to six hours to complete, which can be done in one day or spread out over multiple sessions, and at the end of each module, there will be an online assessment that requires an 80 percent pass rate to earn your certification. But you can retake the modules as many times as necessary.

Participants will gain proficiency in various areas, including invoice processing, management of Voly prepaid cards and cash, budgeting and reporting, as well as Voly APA charter management.

Credit: Voly

“Whether you’re a captain or purser with the huge responsibility of managing the entire boat’s finances, a second stew looking to enhance your knowledge to take your career to the next step, or a chef wanting to have better visibility and control over spend in a busy galley, the Voly Software Certification will give you the confidence to effectively manage your financial responsibilities on board at every level,” CEO Ian Flanagan says.

Not only can the certification benefit crew who are managing finances, but the entire yacht management ecosystem as their knowledge from the program helps ensure accurate reporting and data transmission.

“This also saves the management company huge amounts of time when it comes to checking and supporting the crew through the financial management process,” continues Flanagan. “As Voly further establishes itself as the industry standard and expands its fleet, the certification program will contribute to standardizing financial reporting across the market, ultimately enhancing the owner’s experience and strengthening the yachting industry as a whole.” 


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