Recommend Local Services at Superports

30 July 2008 is buzzing with activity as any social community should. Word-of-mouth recommendations from fellow captains and crew are helping to energize the Superports page, your comprehensive guide to more than 500 superyacht marina locations worldwide.

You’ve seen the colorful maps on the Superports page. You’ve noticed the conveniently clustered anchors representing superport marinas around the globe.

But do you realize the power you have to recommend services at each of these marina locations?

Here’s how…Go to the Superports page and click on the interactive map. Select a marina location, use the zoom feature to find local services around that marina and look to the column on the right of the page.

Under the heading “Find or Recommend a Local Service” you’ll see a cluster of categories that are ready and waiting for your personal recommendations.

Yacht agents, crew agents, restaurants, bars and clubs: You’ll find them all here.

Looking for florists, hotels, fuel bunkering and engine maintenance? Each of these categories has a link on the Superports page and all are ripe for recommendations.

Be a convenient critic for crew around the world. Recommend a local service and share your special tips and suggestions on

Here are a few examples:

Searching for delicious cuisine with a tasty view in Antibes? Raphael recommends Les Vieux Murs: “One of the best restaurants in Antibes. Her location in the old city gives a fantastic view on the sea and the Cap d'Antibes.”

Hungry for Thai food in Fort Lauderdale? Lauren says you can meet her at Coco’s: “The best Thai food in town. Located in the Harbor Shops on 17th Street, it's convenient to Publix supermarket, too.”

But you’ll find more than restaurant recommendations on the Superports page. Practical information, the kind that helps you get where you need to go in an unfamiliar location, also receives the personal touch at

Refueling in Seattle? Daniel S. recommends Ballard Oil: “Lube and fuel dock for vessels to 137m.”

Planning to attend the Monaco Yacht Show? To get there from Nice by helicopter, follow Alison W.’s recommendation for International Air Charter: “Excellent Private Jet Charter company. Broker the best aircraft for your needs (from VIP jet to helicopter). 24/7 service. Telephone France +33 (0)4 93 21 81 75 UK +44 (0)20 8897 8979.”

Need a taxi cab in Fort Lauderdale? Richard reminds you to “dial all 7s” when you really need a ride. “Dial (954-777-7777) to get a taxi after a night on the town in Fort Lauderdale. This is especially helpful if you’ve had a few drinks and are in no condition to drive.”

Looking for a ride in Antigua? Tony H. has a reliable recommendation – Moody’s Car Service: “Best and most reliable driver in Falmouth Harbour. Always on time and courteous with reasonable prices.”

Superports also provides you with a convenient list of superyacht-friendly marinas from A-Z. This alphabetized list provides more than 500 locations where you’ll find superyacht captains and crew doing what they do best.

So get out and enjoy yourself and start recommending some local services. Who knows? Your quick and convenient recommendation may make business owners and crew very grateful a world away.

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