Blog Excerpts Reveal Hidden Talents

15 June 2008 By Matt Gomez

Have you checked out the blogs at If not, here’s what you’ve been missing.

Capt. Michael French takes on the yachting industry. Sure, the yachts are nice, but have you considered their environmental impact? Here’s an excerpt from his personal blog:

“Nobody needs a yacht. Outside our world, in the great scheme of things yachts serve no purpose. They are the essence of indulgence, the reward for success and the object of desire. One could say the same for chocolate, champagne or jewelry. The difference between any of the other luxury items and yachts, is that a yacht is a polluter: A significant polluter. Serving the interests of the very few, yachts contribute to the environmental problems that face the masses.”Mike French, June 13, 2008

No matter how you feel about them, environmental issues can leave a bad taste in your mouth. No better way to improve the taste in your mouth than to indulge your epicurean passion. Check out what two separate bloggers, Jordan Mitchnick and Volochef, have to say in their individual blog posts:

“If there is one widespread myth about cultures, it is that there are certain key aspects – such as food – that remain uniform throughout a given country. The notion of a ‘curry’ for example, or an ‘Italian restaurant’ or ‘traditional American cuisine’… are all ridiculous!”Jordan, June 11, 2008

Volochef, also known as book author and former yacht chef David Shalleck, uses his blog to reminisce about his yacht experiences, which form the basis of his book, Mediterranean Summer, now available in paperback:

“The story takes place on board an Italian classic sailing yacht I worked on when I lived abroad. It was my first chef’s job. Throughout the pages, there are glorious backdrops, colorful characters, the work hard/play hard life of being a crewmember, and a food voice that presents local and regional cooking along the Mediterranean shores.”Volochef, June 10, 2008

You don’t have to be a published author or sea captain to blog on Far from the chef’s galley, but never far removed from pungent odors of a different kind, you’ll find DieselDoc, a yacht engineer who has recently discovered a gift for blogging. Here he is in his own words:

“I have been chasing a smell in the master stateroom in between trips for the last year. This has led to me updating the original head systems and leaking grey water tank. This is like peeling off the clothes of a portly person after a few too many cocktails, it just doesn't get better.”DieselDoc, June 12, 2008

Four different bloggers, each with a distinct style and voice. All are blogging on And you can, too.

If you have the desire to share stories and insights with others, if you can learn to write conversationally, blogs can be a wonderful and fun social communication tool for you.

Blogs are simply digital diaries where you can write on any topic you desire. The term has its roots in "Web log," with is similar to a captain's log or daily diary of thoughts and events, but located exclusively on the Web. It's much easier to just say "blog." They are easy to write, conversational in tone, easy to read and a lot of fun if you have an active mind.

Registered users can go to your own My Dockwalk page. Look for the link near the top that says “Blogs.” Click on it to reveal your opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions with the rest of the community. Now, start writing...and watch the magic happen.

It’s that easy to be a blogger.

Your blog posts will be highlighted on the home page of for all to see. There’s no better way to get exposure, no better way to share your gift for diary chatter with your peers, than by contributing your own My Dockwalk blog.

So, who will be the next blogger to be highlighted on our website? Keep reading to find out. I know I will...and I'll keep writing, too.