Green Leaf Farms Delivers to Yachts in Nassau

15 April 2021 By Laura Shaughnessy
Flavors of the Forest Canape by Chef Danny Davies
Chef Danny Davies’ “Flavors of the Forest” canapé

Laura Shaughnessy is the former managing editor at Dockwalk. 

Despite the pandemic’s devastating effect on the tourist and hospitality’s industry, Nassau-based business, Green Leaf Farms, has expanded and is continuing to do so, particularly in service of superyacht chefs. Founder Antonio (aka Tony) Hall is currently looking into solar power for urban farm plot in Nassau in order to grow his presence further within the superyacht market.

First though, Tony had to face the crisis of empty hotels and shuttered restaurants. “Tony’s small business relied heavily on these people to buy his produce and things went rapidly downhill,” says superyacht chef Danny Davies of M/Y Excellence, a busy charter yacht that operates in and around The Bahamas. “Tony took time to redevelop the small plot of land so that it could once again reach its full potential. He built a potting room with refrigerated storage, washing, packaging, and distribution facilities. He has created new beds and a poly-crop environment that helps combat pests, making his place pesticide-free. He draws water from a groundwater spring using a pump and recycles everything he can back into the soil for the next crop.”

During the past year that they’ve developed a business relationship, Davies has ordered microgreens, herbs, and edible flowers for his guests aboard M/Y Excellence. “His produce is outstanding, and he always goes out of his way to make sure everything is delivered to the boat in perfect condition,” Chef Danny says. “His passion and commitment to farming in an urban environment has allowed him to become a niche grower supplying the superyacht market.”

Tony regularly grows produce for yachts coming into and operating in the area. Chefs can order through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, and he sends out a list of what he has or will have available in the next few weeks. You pay cash on delivery — which is made right to the galley door.

To get an updated produce list, look for him on Instagram @GLFbahamas, email, or on Facebook at Green Leaf Farms.

This article originally ran in the April 2021 issue of Dockwalk.


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