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Spend Less Time Maintaining Your Yacht With Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating

15 November 2023 By Hannah Rankine for Lat26°
Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating
Credit: Lat26°

Maintaining and caring for a superyacht so that it is constantly in tip-top condition for owners and guests comes with its fair share of challenges. For busy superyacht deck crew tasked with the time-consuming job of maintaining the appearance of the entire yacht, every second counts, and no one understands this better than the creator of Lat 26°, a seasoned yacht captain with 12 years of first-hand experience working on board.

Launched in 2016, Lat 26° has become synonymous with game-changing yacht maintenance supplies, offering superyacht crews top-notch products that stand the test of time. Among its stellar lineup, Lat 26° proudly presents the Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating – a revolutionary solution that promises to transform the way you maintain your yacht.

Credit: Lat26°

What is Lat 26° Nano Ceramic Coating?

One of Lat26°’s favorite products is the Nano Ceramic Coating, a premium protective solution meticulously crafted to deliver professional-grade protection to the paints and gelcoat of yacht superstructures and hulls. Originally designed for the demanding automotive industry, this coating has been specially adapted for marine applications, ensuring optimal performance in challenging sea conditions.

Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating creates a resilient layer of protection that goes beyond conventional solutions. It acts as a formidable barrier, repelling dirt, grime, yellowing and oxidation. The coating's water-repelling properties form a powerful shield against liquids, while its UV protection preserves the pristine appearance of yacht surfaces. With the ability to apply on both white and dark surfaces, Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating ensures your yacht will boast not only a lasting shine but also enhanced scratch resistance.

Credit: Lat26°

A little goes a long way with Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating – just one oz covers an impressive 90 square meters. This efficiency, coupled with the coating's durability, means crew spend less time on maintenance and more time to on other vital onboard tasks. Lasting approximately a year and backed by a one-year warranty designed for real-world conditions, the coating is a reliable investment in the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your yacht.

For convenience, Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating is available in two sizes to meet your working needs: a four oz bottle with a dropper for precise application, and a 32 oz refillable bottle for larger projects.

How to Apply Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating

Ensuring the optimal performance of Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating is not just about the product, but about the application too. Here is a step-by-step guide to achieving a flawless finish on your yacht:

1. Apply with Precision: Using the Microfiber Applicator, apply Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating by wiping a thin, even coat in one direction. The magic happens when you allow the product to "flash" or dry, which typically takes about a minute at 25 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that flash times are approximate and will vary based on temperature conditions. In warmer climates, expect a faster cure, while colder temperatures may require more patience.

2. Wipe and Polish: Once the product has flashed, it's time to bring out the shine. Wipe the surface thoroughly with a new or clean microfiber rag to remove any excess product. This not only ensures an even coating but also activates the brilliance of the yacht's surface. Continue polishing with the same microfiber, changing sides regularly until all smear residue is eliminated.

3. Timing is Everything: Allow a minimum of 12 hours between coats to ensure optimal adhesion and performance. For a full cure, wait up to 72 hours before subjecting the coated surface to washing or exposure to saltwater or engine exhaust. This cautious approach ensures that Lat26° Nano Ceramic Coating has ample time to establish its formidable protection.

4. Layers of Excellence: For ideal coverage, it is recommended to apply two coats of Nano Ceramic. However, if you're dealing with high-impact areas or surfaces that demand extra protection, consider the option of three coats. This additional layering strategy is particularly beneficial for porous surfaces, where a heavier coating is required to achieve the desired results.

Visit Lat26°’s website today to order your supply of Nano Ceramic Coating or to check its availability at your nearest chandlery.

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