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Compass: Your All-In-One Superyacht Navigation Hub

14 August 2023 By Hannah Rankine for dsnm
Compass software dashboard
Compass dashboard
Credit: dsnm

Calling all captains! Dreaming of a cloud-based superyacht navigation platform that incorporates passage planning, weather overlay, destination insights and more? dsnm’s ground-breaking superyacht navigation hub, Compass, is at the forefront of marine navigation innovation. Designed to enhance performance, promote safety and cater to the unique needs of each vessel, Compass has earned its stripes as an award-winning bespoke software. Accessible on multiple devices so it can be used by numerous crew members, it seamlessly integrates the power of modern technology with the art of navigation, creating an unparalleled user experience that captains and crews can rely on.

Credit: dsnm

Digital Charts: A Beacon of Innovation

One of Compass' standout features is the unofficial digital charting layer provided by i4 Insight. This dynamic chart layer doesn't just offer up-to-date navigational data, it allows Compass to serve as a bridge between traditional paper charts - through weekly paper corrections from the UK Hydrographic Office - and cutting-edge electronic navigation charts (ENC). With a treasure trove of information sourced from official chart data, it equips navigators with a comprehensive tool to master the transition from traditional to digital charting. An impressive feature of Compass is the NAVAREA Warnings, which give a visual representation and detailed information on various warning areas on the map, ensuring safe journeys wherever you are in the world.

Additionally, Compass charts now include MARPOL layers, providing easy access to Annex I to VI regulations by location. Users can also view Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSA) and Emission Control Areas (ECA) for NOx and SOx emissions information. With this digital repository of insights, navigators can make eco-conscious decisions when exploring new destinations.

Compass users receive a worldwide license for i4 Insight charts included in their subscription. This partnership with i4 Insight adds an extra layer of navigational confidence, enabling captains to navigate with precision across global waters.

Compass digital charts
Credit: dsnm

Passage Planning: Navigating with Precision

Passage planning has long been a cornerstone of safe navigation, and Compass elevates this practice to new heights. Captains can effortlessly plot their routes, incorporating a wealth of information to optimize their journey. Whether it's importing routes from Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) or exporting them for external analysis, Compass offers a seamless experience. The Route Planning Defaults feature allows for personalized adjustments, such as average cruising speed, enabling captains to fine-tune their plans with precision.

Weather Overlay: Real-time, Accurate Forecasting

To enhance these plans, Compass integrates Windy—the acclaimed meteorology app. Windy's intuitive interface provides captains with a real-time, accurate forecast that spans 10 days. Its detailed weather models cover an array of crucial elements, including wind speed, swells, precipitation and air quality. With Windy's insights, captains can chart their courses with heightened safety measures, strategically avoiding unfavorable weather conditions.

Weather overlay in Compass superyacht navigation hub
Credit: dsnm

“We have been using Compass since the launch of our new vessel—we utilize all aspects of Compass, from the passage planning tools with new and improved weather overlays, to the full navigation management tool for monitoring new editions and licenses renewals,” says Tim Gallagher, chief officer on board 61.5-meter Lemon Tree. “We have also started to use the new MARPOL function that has been recently introduced, and it is working really well.”

Explore with Imray: Navigational Insights at Your Fingertips

Exploring the world's oceans demands a wealth of knowledge about each destination's unique characteristics. Compass addresses this need through its Explore with Imray feature. By leveraging Imray's renowned pilot guides, this tool allows navigators to access geo-tagged points for over 13,500 locations. These points offer a wealth of pertinent information, ranging from navigation aids to port plans and mooring facilities. With this digital repository of insights, navigators can make informed decisions when approaching new shores.

dsnm's commitment to providing top-tier service extends beyond software. Compass subscribers benefit from access to a dedicated digital support team, ensuring that any onboard issues with digital systems are promptly addressed. This unique offering underscores dsnm's dedication to providing comprehensive support to superyacht crews and underscores its position as an industry leader in navigation management.

“The main idea behind Compass is something that we on board really like as it combines all our navigation requirements into one central location to help make our lives as easy as possible during busy owner trips and charters,” Gallagher adds. “We look forward to continuing to see the new and exciting developments to come from dsnm and the Compass platform.”

To integrate Compass into your onboard navigational systems, contact the dsnm team today.

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