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Can This Supplier Make Your Life Easier?

10 March 2023 By Laura Nicholls for ALEXSEAL®
Van der Valk

When launched in 2019, the 20.5-metre BeachClub 660 Flybridge motor yacht range by Dutch yard Van der Valk was ahead of its time. The design looked sporty, spacious and, above all, gleaming.

The first unit in the range, Alvaro, sports a distinctive navy blue hull paired with an ice-white superstructure. Her shining exterior is no coincidence, but rather the result of an epic color created exclusively by ALEXSEAL®

After 125 years in the business, the German brand ALEXSEAL® has perfected its exterior and interior coating systems. The high-quality and ever-lasting nature of the product means that owners and crew have fewer paint-related maintenance worries which ultimately, makes the day-to-day running of the yacht a whole lot easier. 

The BeachClub 660 Flybridge
Van der Valk

“Nothing is more important on a yacht than an impeccable exterior paint job with a superb finish,” says Yoeri Bijker, head of sales and marketing at Van der Valk. “Out of 10,000 people that see the vessel, maybe one person has the opportunity to see the interior. Yet everyone will see the exterior.”

Wherever Alvaro goes she stands out from the crowd, giving her owner and crew an immense sense of pride.
Van der Valk

The process for choosing an ALEXSEAL® coating is simple. The possibilities for exterior color are endless, so any ideas can be fulfilled. However, to get a perfect result, the correct paint system must be chosen. “While the ALEXSEAL® team are experts in their field, it is great for any crew or owner to know what the options are,” says Thomas Schultz, sales director at ALEXSEAL®.

The ALEXSEAL® team offer their systems in three variations, and here is a quick breakdown of the performance and suitability of each.

Premium Topcoat 501

As seen on Alvaro, this is a popular and high-performing product suitable for every yacht size. This topcoat has two outstanding features: an impressive high-gloss finish, and a good overspray uptake upon application. A 501 coating can be repaired easily, is available in a wide range of colors and can be applied with a spray gun or roller.

High Solid Base Coat/Clear Coat

The Base Coat/Clear Coat (BC/CC) system requires expert painters, as the application of the last layer is crucial to its success, the results will speak for themselves. The BC/CC build has the greatest hiding power, exceptional depth of image (DOI) and very high gloss level and gloss stability. In addition, the clearcoat provides excellent protection and outstanding durability.

Acrylic Topcoat X

An ideal choice for DIY painters, this system is much more workable when the painting conditions are not the best as a result of weather and the working environment. The reasons behind its versatility are its fast drying time and incredible polishability. The gloss level is high, offers excellent hiding power and often requires fewer coats in comparison with other acrylic yacht paints.

To find out more about what paint system suits your yacht best, click here.

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