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Get To Know The Latest Must-Have Cleaning Products Made By A Superyacht Captain

27 January 2023 By Laura Nicholls for Lat26 Degrees

As all crew will know, taking care of your boss’ yacht is a full-time job. A luxury yacht doesn’t just require security and maintenance, she also needs constant cleaning and tidying.

Being at sea means a yacht is exposed to intense sunlight, heat, pounding rain, exhaust fumes and salt water. Add in a flurry of guests and a yacht’s crew can find themselves cleaning and recleaning at least twice a day – and for crew member turned captain, Jonathan Broughton, this job soon became one he felt could be improved.

After 12 years working on board yachts, Broughton was keen to find a way to make the endless cleaning easier and more effective. He found that some of the products on the market at the time failed to produce the claimed results or were harmful to particular materials on board. For Broughton, the answer was to gather a team, gain expertise in chemistry and launch his own company with a range of accessories, cleaning, detailing, and polishing products for all yacht surfaces.

The products created by Broughton’s company, Lat 26 Degrees, are already proven to reduce the time spent by crew cleaning and maintaining the yacht, as well as any associated costs. With prices starting from $10, all products are environmentally friendly, MARPOL 5 compliant and non-harmful to give users peace of mind when taking care of their vessel.


“The goal with Lat 26 Degrees was to develop products that I would have wanted to have available when I was working on boats – as I know first-hand that yacht crews spend enormous amounts of time washing, cleaning and polishing yacht surfaces,” says Broughton. “That’s why I wanted to create a full line of cleaning and detailing products that would actually work.”

One product in particular, the hyper-concentrated Boat Soap, has been designed to be easily stored to alleviate any onboard storage space-related issues. The highly concentrated formula of the Boat Soap means that the product lasts longer in comparison to similar products on the market and therefore, the crew won’t need to restock the yacht’s cleaning materials as often.

Get your yacht gleaming with Lat26 Degrees
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“Our products do exactly what they were created to do which maximizes results, decreases working time and minimizes storage capacity needed. We are constantly doing research and development and I am satisfied that we have the best marine products on the market today,” adds Broughton.

For the day-to-day upkeep of a yacht, Lat 26 Degrees offers effective products such as the Nano Ceramic ®. With this, users will be able to protect precious surfaces from black stains and harmful UV rays. There’s also the All Purpose Clean and the Detail Spray, which were created to work as stand-alone products and can be combined with each other to provide a “wash n’ wax” formula or a deep clean boat soap.

As yachts are built with so many different materials, the Lat 26 Degrees website can filter products by the type of surface that needs care. And if for any reason, a crew member has doubts about how to use the product, the team at Lat 26 Degrees have created a series of videos and demos to help.

With Lat26 Degree products, crew will be able to care for and protect any surface

“These products give customers and crew more time to enjoy their boat and less time maintaining them,” says Broughton. For this and many other reasons, Lat 26 Degrees is becoming increasingly popular in the yachting industry.

Lat 26 Degrees is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with all of its products proudly made locally in the United States. To find out more about the range, visit the company website directly here. 

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