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Is This The Best U.S. Shipyard For Crew?

4 April 2023 By Laura Nicholls for RMK Merrill-Stevens

If you’ve cruised to Florida for refit work, it is likely you’ve considered visiting the RMK Merrill-Stevens Shipyard. What you probably didn’t know is that the shipyard has invested in its facilities for clients and upped its crew offerings to make any yard period there an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

Already a leading name in the industry, the shipyard is now under new management and promises to be the premier destination for yacht service and refit in Florida. For crew involved in a yacht’s refit, here are a few reasons why one of Florida's first-ever shipyards, RMK Merrill-Stevens, is great for you and your owner.


Located in Miami, Florida, RMK Merrill-Stevens is the ideal location for yacht crews who want to be close to the action and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Spending time in Miami is made easy, as the shipyard has partnerships with local organizations to offer its clients and their crew access to the city’s restaurants, spas, gyms, sports venues and more. For example, the River Landing is where amenities such as grocery and retail stores, gym and workout facilities, dockage and even condos for purchase can be found, all within walking distance from the yard.


RMK Merrill-Stevens is spread across two sites along the Miami River to service yachts measuring up to 73 meters for any refit, maintenance, repair and inspection work. The yard’s main site, formerly known as the North Yard and now named the Miami Superyacht Center, boasts new equipment and infrastructure to support a wide range of services, including a 100-ton travel lift and the largest ship lift in south Florida at 2,700LT and Lloyd’s and USCG Certified. In the South Yard, the yard has benefitted from a new Cover Wet Slip for yachts needing quick turnarounds and wanting to avoid being taken out of the water.


In addition to its expanded facilities, RMK Merrill-Stevens has made significant investments in its staff. The shipyard has expanded its team of highly skilled technicians and craftsmen to handle complex projects and work closely with yacht owners and crews. The shipyard is spearheaded by the newly appointed CEO, Marco Santoro, who has elevated goals for the yard. Santoro champions that RMK Merrill-Stevens is one of very few shipyards able to offer such a large scope of services, and has a high number of refit projects already on the cards for 2023.


The shipyard endeavours to keep crews comfortable and entertained during their stay. A standout amenity at the yard is the brand-new Crew Headquarters, where crews can find services such as housing, transportation, and concierge. If a crewmember needs something else not supplied by the shipyard, there are a number of local companies that have partnered with RMK Merrill-Stevens to offer everything from spa sessions to groceries.


Thanks to a recent partnership, RMK Merrill-Stevens is an authorized dealer and service provider for Sealine Yachts. For the benefit of clients and hands-on crews, this partnership allows RMK Merrill-Stevens to offer the likes of sales and brokerage services, and alternative maintenance and repair work. Other superyacht services at the yard include wrapping, a material shop, conversions, engine work, painting, welding and air conditioning fixes.


Since its inception in 1885, RMK Merrill-Stevens has become one of the leading shipyards in the United States. As a result, the yard has built and serviced some of the most iconic vessels of our time. It was here that the 49-metre superyacht Asteria recently received her five-year Lloyds Survey, maintenance and other repairs. Originally built in 1970 as an ocean-going salvage tugboat, Asteria was converted into a luxury expedition yacht in 2002 and has been travelling the world ever since. The 68-metre Feadship superyacht Archimedes was one of the many yachts hauled onto the yard with the help of the ship lift in 2022 for routine work and benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities.

RMK Merrill-Stevens’ recent investments in facilities, staff and partnerships are securing a bright future for the yard. The commitment to provide the best service for its customers and crews has never wavered and should be the top choice for any yacht seeking a refit yard in the region.

To find out how to book your superyacht in for work with RMK Merrill-Stevens, contact the yard directly via the company website here.

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