Who's Better: Sailing or Motor Yacht Crew?

27 August 2008 By Matt Gomez

Who's better: Sailing or motor yacht crew? That is the question...

Frequent contributor Kate Hubert, an avid sailor, stokes the fires of debate in her excellent blog post, which suggests sailing and motor yacht enthusiasts should challenge one another to an Olympic-style competition for supremacy.

Not a bad idea...better alert the organizers for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, or maybe the local pub owner at your favorite marina watering hole.

Without the power and money to create such a spectacle today, how about participating in a flash poll?

Would you rather work on a sailing yacht or motor yacht? Why?

As Kate writes in her blog:

"I’m always interested to find out if crew are confirmed sailors, or whether they would no more work on a sailing yacht than stick pins in their eyes. But is it true that there is any kind of snobbery or cliqueiness? Sailors can be purists, and a little too proud of their salty heritage and ability to cross oceans using just the wind and navigate using a piece of string and a mirror…. But are they right to think of motor yacht crew as little more than floating hoteliers with a unhealthy love of diesel? Once a sailor, always a sailor?"

Those sound like fighting words.... Are sailing yacht crew better than motor yacht crew? Does pulling a few lines and sheets make you superior? Or does motor yacht speed triumph over all?

Don't be shy -- let the sparks fly!