Sex and the Superyacht III: When Guests Think You’re on the Menu

7 November 2008 By Lisa Hoogerwerf Knapp

Crystal-clear water and five-star service make cruising on a superyacht a real-life, self-indulgent fantasy for guests. It’s the crew’s job to make sure that experience lives up to the client’s expectations. But occasionally a guest will cross the line and assume that sex with the able-bodied seamen – or women – on board is one of the perks of the charter.

Superyacht crew are attractive and attentive, while guests are on holiday and often inebriated. So crossing the line from harmless flirtation to demanding “sexual favors” can be a slippery slope. In fact, crew tell us it happens all the time.

“I was definitely nervous,” says Capt. Turk, recalling an experience when he was 19. “The wife of the owner’s guest tapped me on the shoulder when I was in bed, sound asleep. I asked if she needed anything thing and she said, ‘Yeah. Scoot over.’”

Turk had sex with the guest after she said she would scream if he didn’t perform. Once the deed was done, he was a nervous wreck, telling her to stay aft of the galley and his cabin. He couldn’t look her husband in the eye during the rest of the charter.

Capt. Rich remembers a former owner’s personal assistant who wouldn’t leave him alone. He finally caved in for some loving in the lazarette. “I’m a single man at sea. I didn’t turn it down on the fifth try,” he says. “But then I realized I risked my reputation and the charter’s reputation.”

One Swedish captain says the best sex of his life was with an owner’s wife, and they had it on board right under the husband’s knowing nose. “He didn’t mind and actually encouraged it,” the captain said, remarking that the husband had personal performance problems, leading to what was clearly an “open marriage.” “They hired me many, many times for repeated cruises,” he says, smiling in remembrance. He feels no shame about what he did.

A former stewardess recalls an all-male charter that became a den of debauchery. She and the chef got a huge tip from the guests upon fulfilling their dessert order: the stew lay down on a table, completely naked, and the chef artistically covered her in whip cream. The rest of the crew watched and laughed it off as a joke, but the captain later fired the Cool-Whip duo for crossing the line.

Whether it’s inspired by financial incentives, fear of negative repercussions by powerful people or simply hormones, crewmembers occasionally fulfill guests’ sexual fantasies. But it isn’t necessary – the bottom line is that sexual services are not included in the charter fee.

Rose, a masseuse, advises sending out a “vibe” that you aren’t someone to be trifled with. She has a close female friend who is more docile and is likely to be propositioned on board. But Rose adopts a professional stance, posture and attitude that make guests – even those enjoying her treatments – think twice about flirting.

If unwanted attentions continue and it’s hard to say “no” to a guest, go straight to the captain. One European skipper says he sent a male crewmember on an emergency vacation after a female guest hit on him repeatedly to the point where he felt he just couldn’t remain on board.

Do you have any sultry stories about guest and crew relations or perhaps some tips on warding off unwanted passes?