How to Work It Out in the Med

1 November 2011 By Claire Griffiths

Pulverizing the pavements as you power through the pain barrier during a 10km jog is fine in the summer months — it quells the claustrophobia of yachting co-existence in cubic spaces you couldn’t keep a cat, let alone swing one. But come the rain, the dark days and the endless winter watches, you need ironman-like willpower to turn off the TV, unhook your left elbow from the bar in the quiet corner of your preferred pub and step out of your slippers. But if you want to stop your body from sagging south, get out there and get interactive, which means steering clear of solitary torture at the treadmills and the wretched weight machines. Do something a bit new to you.

In Antibes, you can zumba, ragga or bodyjam your way into a warm, healthy glow at TopFit ( – the largest fitness center on the Cote d’Azur. Go climb the walls or master the Brazilian benefits of Capoeira, which combines music, movement, and mental health from ancient African origins at Xtraining, Villeneuve Loubet ( ).

You could hone your threat neutralization skills and improve your self-defense reflexes at Krav Maga classes in Nice ( or move into combat mode doing Muay-Thai in Antibes (Email: or Palma ( then box Chinese-style in Antibes at

A touch of the personal  is on offer from two-time Olympic Mogul finalist Anja Bolbjerg, who has devised two yachtie-specific suggestions for your particular delectation. Bootcamps take place on the Plage de la Gravette by the port of Antibes on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. (large group options are available) and at the Plage Marquet, Cap d’Ail on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:45 to 7:45 a.m. (indoor “backup” is available when weather prescribes).  Or get gangs together and compete in the Riviera FitBody Challenge “Boost,” during which your team earns points from any form of activity during an eight-week period. One minute of activity equals one point. Keep in mind, raising a beer can to your mouth is NOT an activity, but, you can make up an agreed list of rules so adding a Coffee-Free Day or bicycling to the Boulangerie can earn your team extra points. “I love working with crewmembers as the spirit is always very good and we get some good energy in the sessions,” says Anja of Rivera. (
And for skiing buffs who want to get “snow fit,” Anja, who last year came in seventh on the Freeride World Tour, can offer a “tailor-made” series of ski fitness classes if a few of you group together and ask (

Meawhile, Mallorca-based Katie Handyside offers personal training, interval training and nutritional goal setting, but also works you out using kettlebells and plyometric training. And (phew, slow down Katie) she runs boot camps every Monday and Wednesday at 6 p.m. outside the gates of STP Palma and on Tuesday and Thursday at 09:30 a.m. at Reads Hotel, Santa Maria del Cami. “This class welcomes all fitness levels and works on five specific principles: fat burning, muscle strength and tone, stretching and team work,” she says (

So, put down that chocolate bar and get out there — you can finish it off later…when you’ve earned it.