News and Facebook Connect!

31 October 2008 By Janine Ketterer, By Nick Martin

You may have noticed that a new button has appeared on in the last few days. That’s because we’re pioneering a connection with one of your favorite social networking sites, Facebook. With this button, you’re a mere click away from connecting your accounts using this groundbreaking technology. We’re very excited about our integration and we invite you to try it out and let us know what you think. Simple, quick and connectable, is bringing communities together one log on at a time.

Q: How do I link my account to my Facebook Account?

It’s very easy – simply click on the Facebook button. You will be prompted to log into Facebook, if you aren’t already. Once you click on ‘allow’ you will be taken to sign up page. If you’re an existing member of, enter your email address and password and click on the set up account button. If you’re a new member, fill in the account registration form and click on the set up account button. That’s it – your account is now linked to your Facebook account.

Q: Why should I link my account to my Facebook account?

Linking your accounts has all sorts of benefits. To start with, logging in becomes much simpler. Once you’ve logged on to Facebook, go to, click on the Facebook button and you’ll be logged in automatically. Things you do on will appear on your Facebook Wall and News Feed. If you post a photo or video on, your Facebook friends will know about it and can go straight to what you have posted. (This doesn’t happen with blogs and forum posts yet, but we’re working on it!) While you’re at it, invite your Facebook friends to join you on Click on the invite Facebook friends button on your My Friends page and they will be sent a message via Facebook to join We’ve also introduced a new feature, which we’re calling "Say something." Similar to your Facebook Status (the official term for this is micro blogging), you’ll notice a box with the phrase “Say something…” at the top of your My Dockwalk page. You can say anything you want – where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling and so on. Hit enter or the post button and a few seconds later your text will appear under the box. And of course what you have said will appear on your Facebook Wall and in your News Feed. As Facebook brings new capabilities online with Facebook Connect, we’ll continue to enhance the possibilities on, so your friends on Facebook will see what you have been doing.

Q: Does Facebook share my password with

No. Facebook never shares your password with any other sites.

Q: Will linking my accounts change my privacy settings on Facebook?

No. Facebook Connect facilities honor all your privacy settings.

Q: Will members be able to see my Facebook profile?

No. No one else will see your information from Facebook unless you've given permission from within Facebook.