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Make Life Easier For Your Yacht’s Owner With This New and Exclusive Membership

4 May 2022 By Laura Nicholls for IGY Marinas
Yacht Haven Grande, Island Gardens, Miami, Florida

Does your owner find managing their superyacht a challenge? Then the brand-new package from Island Global Yachting (IGY) Marinas could help. IGY Trident promises to simplify the process by offering a one-stop-shop for premium yachting destinations, crew training, and yacht management services.

Yacht Club Isle De Sol, St. Maarten

The simple aim of IGY Trident is to offer owners, by invitation only, access to IGY’s strong global network of industry partners. These partners are offering members of IGY Trident exclusive benefits including crew training, provisioning, health and wellness, dockage, fuel, yacht management, insurance, and events and experiences. “We understand that owners want simplicity and so, we are providing a comprehensive set of services administered from a single source,” says IGY Trident CEO Tom Mukamal.

Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas

“What we have created really makes life easier for owners and their crew. The agreement with our partners was that IGY Trident members are offered services that do not already exist, and the savings made from these benefits are more than the price of the membership.”

After forming a focus group of captains, brokers, travel agents, and owners, IGY is confident that the newly launched initiative meets the needs of modern superyachts.

Yacht Club, Isle de Sol, St Maarten

The suite of services available to IGY Trident members includes:

First-class crew training

By engaging directly with the superyacht crew of Trident members, the Forbes Travel Guide is able to deliver various service training. The firm’s curriculum is customised for superyacht crews based on the principles of exceptional service taught at five-star hotels across the world.

Stay healthy while on the move

Together with VIGILINT, IGY Trident members are granted health and wellness care via its Global MedAssist Program. Accessible 24 hours a day, members can get real-time medical consultation, comprehensive care, critical care transport, and access to a Cleveland Clinic specialist.

IGY Portisco Marina, Italy

More travel opportunities

The membership is ideal for a large superyacht that travels a lot, as IGY Trident can guarantee the vessel dockage and fuel at a discounted price in any of IGY’s 23 marinas in 13 countries across the globe. These marinas already serve over 8,000 customers every year.

Exclusive management services

Thanks to IGY’s in-house yacht management platform, Fairport Yacht Support, members are given access to yacht management services, including financial administration, crew management, and technical yacht support at better prices.

Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas

Discounted fuel all over the world

Through its partnership with World Fuel Services, IGY Trident can provide its members with discounted fuel bunkering. Available across the globe, including in Gibraltar, a member’s superyacht can benefit from a dedicated 24/7 technical team, transparent pricing, and access to carbon offset credits.

Better insurance schemes

Navium Marine is offering IGY Trident members access to its proprietary hull insurance program. Vessels engaged in the program can enjoy coverage terms that meet or exceed their current coverage. Another bonus is a profit share that, if available, can be issued annually across the portfolio.

Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas

New concierge services

BWA Yachting is a company that knows how to assist with the increasing demands of managing a modern superyacht only too well. As one of the IGY Trident partners, BWA Yachting is giving members access to its global yacht agency and concierge services with exclusive benefits.

Gain access to a community of owners

IGY Trident intends to host innovative, intimate member events and experiences around the globe, including private concerts and invite-only social gatherings designed for superyacht owners. IGY Trident brings together the first community of superyacht owners to open doors for communication both inside and outside of yachting.

To find out more about IGY Trident and how to get an invitation to become a member, visit the website here or email

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