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This Is The Only Vibration You Need On Board

3 February 2023 By Laura Nicholls for Advanced Mechanical Enterprises

A superyacht that requires endless maintenance is at the bottom of anyone’s wish list. With this in mind, the mechanical reliability company Advanced Mechanical Enterprises (AME) is urging captains and crew to use vibration testing to predict and prevent future problems.

By performing a vibration analysis survey before a maintenance period, captains and crew can get a clear picture of the vessel’s overall condition. This level of pre-planning will guarantee a smooth and successful maintenance service and avoid extra costs and yard time. Most importantly, it will also improve safety because you’ll know exactly what the yacht needs and can implement solutions ahead of time. A vibration analysis can detect several prospective mechanical and electrical issues long before they cause any serious damage.

Imagine there’s a significant vibration on board, and you’ve predicted the predominate cause is a bent shaft via dial indicator measurements. The shafts are repaired and the vessel is back in service after a brief yard period. Then all of a sudden, the engine fails during the summer season and you’re left scrambling for a repair company whilst cruising in a region with limited yachting infrastructure. It turns out there was a hidden engine issue that went unnoticed and unresolved. If a vibration analysis survey had been performed prior to the yard period, the hidden engine issue would have been detected with enough time to hire a familiar, reputable engine repair company and get the problem sorted swiftly and safely.

Backed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), AME is a trustworthy and highly-experienced company that can provide predictive and preventative maintenance for any machinery asset. Using various technologies, including vibration analysis, motion amplification, shaft torque and power measurements, ultrasonic and infrared, and 3D geometric surveys, the AME team can pinpoint exactly what issues a piece of machinery is experiencing. Once data is analyzed, the team can create the ultimate customized solution using alignment, fabrication, and machining practices.

By working with AME and pre-planning your yacht’s maintenance, the lifespan of a yacht’s machinery is improved, costs are saved, and life on board is easier and safer. Contact Florida-based Advanced Mechanical Enterprises directly here to find out how you can benefit.

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