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How to Make Superyacht Docking and Maneuvering Simpler and Safer

17 October 2023 By Hannah Rankine for The Yacht Group
Superyacht crew docking yacht with Yacht Controller
Master Captain Ben on board 33.5-meter Riva Dolce Vita
Credit: The Yacht Group

Docking and maneuvering a large yacht in tight harbors has always been a daunting task for captains and crew. The precision required, the potential for mishaps and the stress it can induce are well-known in the world of yachting. Yacht Controller, a brand of The Yacht Group, offers captains a game-changing solution with its wireless yacht control technology. With over two decades of experience and a track record of over 27,000 delivered systems - many of which are on board prestigious superyachts around the world - Yacht Controller has become synonymous with precise and safe yacht maneuvering.

"The flawless proven security and dual-band dependability of Yacht Controller allows captains and crew to confidently control the movement of their yachts from anywhere on board with absolute precision," says Tony Valiente, chief operating officer and managing partner of Yacht Controller.

Credit: The Yacht Group

MAXIMO and SUPREMO: The Future of Yacht Maneuvering

Yacht Controller's systems represent the pinnacle of wireless control technology for yachts, catering to vessels of all sizes, from small boats to superyachts. With MAXIMO designed for boats below 25 meters and SUPREMO for superyachts, these systems employ advanced technology by communicating over proprietary dual-band radio frequency amongst multiple channel combinations scrolling every sixth of a second. It is the first-ever wireless system with Wi-Fi remote accessibility from any smart device to set or modify parameters for incremental or proportional speed control of engines and thrusters.

What sets these systems apart is their customizability, offering a unique experience for captains. With the ability for Wi-Fi remote access for worldwide real-time customer support, users can view, manage and diagnose their MAXIMO or SUPREMO systems from anywhere in the world using any smart device.

Yacht Controller's 64-bit quad-processor receiver scrolls through more than 100 channels to eliminate interference and provide ultimate redundancy and security. There are five pre-set profile engine speed settings to suit onboard conditions immediately, with the flexibility to modify them at any time via a smart device. Firmware upgrades can be transmitted remotely, ensuring that the system is always up to date.

One of the most impressive features is the open-air communication range, which exceeds 200 meters, enabling yacht operators to control their vessels from a considerable distance. Additionally, Yacht Controller provides two-way communication between the remote and receiver, ensuring seamless communication even in challenging conditions. Should significant radio frequency jamming be found in the area, the built-in radio spectrum analyzer's received signal strength indicator (RSSI) allows for adjustments to block signal jamming. This is a first of its kind in the marine wireless market.

Credit: The Yacht Group

Compatibility and Multi-Functionality

Yacht Controller's MAXIMO and SUPREMO systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with various navigational equipment, including Garmin, Raymarine and other common onboard systems. This compatibility simplifies the user experience and provides easy viewing and control.

Moreover, these systems offer multi-functional capability, making them suitable for a wide range of yacht equipment, including dual anchors, swim platforms, cable masters and more. This adaptability makes MAXIMO and SUPREMO indispensable tools for yacht owners and captains.

Credit: The Yacht Group

SUPREMO: Next-Level Superyacht Control

Superyacht owners and captains will be particularly thrilled with Yacht Controller's SUPREMO system, designed for larger vessels. The SUPREMO's antenna is a CPU-powered transceiver with CAN bus data cable communication, resulting in faster command response and increased range. In contrast, other systems rely on simple coaxial cables that reduce signal quality as cable length increases.

The SUPREMO system boasts greater computer and communication power with significant channel expansion, offering even more redundancy than the standard MAXIMO series.

"The new generation MAXIMO and SUPREMO series, now powered by a 64-bit quad-core processor, has yet again raised the bar in wireless control,” Valiente notes. “It opens doors to many other features to come over the next decade and our commitment to our ongoing synergies with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the market. This new series of Yacht Controller allows boaters to customize their user profiles for an individualized experience.”

To enquire about how you could incorporate Yacht Controller on board your vessel, contact the team today.

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