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Is This Touch-Screen Technology the Future of Superyacht Bridge Systems?

22 October 2023 By Hannah Rankine for Telemar Group
T-Master Touch, the new touch-screen superyacht bridge system
Credit: Telemar Group

Every superyacht needs a safe, reliable and efficient navigation system, and Telemar Yachting, a brand of Marlink Group, stirred immense excitement at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show after presenting the brand-new T-Master Touch. Designed in collaboration with console designer Pariani Srl, this groundbreaking electronic bridge system revolutionizes the way captains navigate their vessels, offering a fully customized, cutting-edge bridge system that combines style, reliability and an intuitive interface.

What is T-Master Touch?

At the heart of this technological marvel lies a full-touch bridge system designed exclusively for superyacht helm stations. The T-Master Touch interface is characterized by its cutting-edge touchscreen technology, allowing it to manage the vessel's navigation, monitoring and propulsion systems through multiple multi-function workstations. These integrated bridges are class-approved, fully redundant, non-proprietary and brand-agnostic, setting the stage for simplified configuration, flexible bridge layouts and seamless future upgrades.

“Superyacht designers and builders constantly challenge the limits of creativity, combining beautiful design with innovative technology,” explains Mike Bauwens, CEO of Telemar Group. “Our new deck concept combines the style and sophistication that owners expect and the operational prowess and reliability that boaters need to navigate safely and efficiently.”

Credit: Telemar Group

First System Afloat

The T-Master Touch system debuted on its first superyacht - the 57.8-meter, Codecasa-built Kathryn, which launched in Viareggio, Italy in July 2023. This installation showcases the system's versatility with three navigation stations that offer operational security and an intuitive interface. The bridge consoles integrate a wide range of technologies essential for safe navigation, including radar and charts, along with steering controls, resulting in a modern and aesthetically pleasing system suitable for any luxury superyacht.

Credit: Telemar Group

Customization is Key

A hallmark of the T-Master Touch system is its unparalleled customizability. Whether it's tailoring navigation functions, selecting displays and overlays or controlling bridge functions based on various scenarios, every detail can be customized to meet the specific desires of the captain. This adaptability allows for seamless integration into an existing bridge, ensuring a smooth transition into the future of navigation.

Credit: Telemar Group

Smooth Sailing

Maintaining the T-Master Touch and other onboard systems at their peak performance is crucial for any superyacht owner. To ensure seamless connectivity and uninterrupted service, Telemar offers IT Service Packages and Bridge System Service Contracts. These offerings, made possible through the 2017 acquisition of Livewire Connections, provide 24/7 access to state-of-the-art IT technology and assistance. They also grant transparent oversight and control of the fleet's data, from current location to fuel usage rates, through Telemar Yachting's BridgeLink, a comprehensive IoT solution for yachts.

Credit: Telemar Group

"Telemar Yachting is a first-of-its-kind, total solution with an approach that will bring managed services across navigation, connectivity and safety into focus for yacht owners and managers,” says Bauwens. “Providing an integrated service on equipment and applications for the first time gives our clients total peace of mind on operational performance, safety and compliance.”

“There is an increasingly strong demand from the yachting sector for a complete managed service that spans equipment installation, maintenance and digital connectivity,” notes David Walker, managing director of Telemar Yachting. “Owners should not have to call different vendors for these closely related services or act as the project manager when something goes wrong. Telemar Yachting is here to simplify the process and let them focus on sailing.”

To find out more information, watch the T-Master Touch in action or visit the Telemar Yachting website. Alternatively, you can contact its individual offices below:

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