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Are These Sustainable Flowers the Future of Superyacht Floristry?

15 June 2023 By Hannah Rankine for STILLA Flowers
Florist arranging pink flower arrangement in white vase
Credit: STILLA Flowers

Superyacht stews might make onboard floristry seem like a piece of cake, but the reality is that the traditional approach to maintaining fresh flowers comes with its challenges. Not only is the process of sourcing flowers, preparing arrangements, and ensuring they are properly maintained and refreshed time-consuming, it is expensive and damaging to the environment.

Co-founder and head of creativity at STILLA Karolina Szczytowska knows this only too well having spent eight years as a chief stewardess on board superyachts. Szczytowska and business partner Loreta Cazacu, who spent many years working with crew in yacht management and brokerage, made it their mission to offer a better solution to yacht crew with STILLA—bio-preserved flowers and plants that maintain their good-as-new glow for up to 12 months. Yes, 12 months!

Credit: STILLA Flowers

A sustainable solution

The negative impact that floristry has on the environment is often overlooked. With flowers being flown or shipped across the globe, the industry is responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions, along with a multitude of other environmental issues. By using preserved flowers, superyachts can contribute to the reduction of waste generated by traditional floral arrangements. The preservation process eliminates the need for frequent replacements, minimizing the carbon footprint associated with floral waste. Bio-preserved flowers allow superyacht crew to showcase their commitment to eco-conscious practices while maintaining the beauty and charm of fresh flowers.

Credit: STILLA Flowers

What’s more, STILLA uses a solution that is 100% natural and biodegradable. When the preserved flowers eventually reach the end of their lifespan, they naturally decompose, returning to the earth without leaving behind any harmful residues or contributing to environmental pollution.

Saving the yacht time and money

With traditional floral arrangements, yacht stews face the constant need for fresh flowers, leading to frequent purchases, time-consuming maintenance and significant expenses. But STILLA offers a game-changing solution. Their long-lasting nature means that they require no water, sunlight, or regular upkeep, and they can last in any conditions on board, including temperature changes, direct sunlight and air-conditioning. Interior crew can say goodbye to the daily task of replacing wilted flowers and instead focus their time and efforts on other onboard tasks and providing exceptional service to guests.

Credit: STILLA Flowers

“The team at STILLA took my inspiration and vision and brought the arrangements to life better than I envisioned,” explains Marcelle Aucamp, chief stewardess on board 48-meter M/Y Parillion. “The best part is that I only have to make one purchase and the minimal aftercare makes life a breeze on a heavy charter vessel.”

According to STILLA, purchasing their arrangements can result in a reduction of approximately 60% of annual interior decoration budgets.

Custom-made floral arrangements for every occasion

STILLA boasts an extensive collection of exquisite blooms, from Phalaenopsis Orchids to Tulips and Anthuriums, and it prides itself in exclusively offering the Lily Casablanca, in addition to traditional flowers such as Roses, Dahlias, Hydrangeas, and a large variety of foliage. To further cater to the evolving market preferences, STILLA has exciting plans to introduce luxurious Peonies later this year. Whether it’s a centerpiece that becomes the focal point of dining and social areas, bouquets for any event, or arrangements to transform a cabin, the team of professional florists offers custom-made designs and caters to any request.

Credit: STILLA Flowers

“It’s been three years that I’ve been working with STILLA, and every year they manage to create something even more gorgeous than the previous year, always managing to work to my short-notice deadlines,” says Alexandra Faye Cooper, chief stewardess on board 35-meter M/Y Sama.

Whether it’s an arrangement from the existing collection or bespoke designs, clients receive an initial consultation, and STILLA can even create visuals and ideas to ensure the final product is exactly what the client is looking for.

Credit: STILLA Flowers

“Karolina has a wonderful eye for detail and design, and her team created the most beautiful sustainable arrangements for our vessel,” remarks Harriet Knibbs, interior manager on board 65-meter M/Y Triumph.

Bio-preserved botanicals

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the yachting industry, with an increasing trend of incorporating plants alongside traditional floral arrangements on board. Recognizing this rising demand, STILLA has expanded its offerings to include bio-preserved plants as an eco-friendly alternative to fresh ones. These zero-maintenance plants not only eliminate the need for watering and upkeep but also significantly reduce the yacht's carbon footprint.

Credit: STILLA Flowers

Each plant is meticulously produced upon order, ensuring a bespoke creation that perfectly aligns with the client's requirements and design vision. Embracing this new frontier, STILLA presents a range of stunning options, including Palm Trees and Bonsai Plants, allowing guests and crew to embrace the beauty of nature while enjoying a hassle-free and sustainable onboard experience.

“We’ve received no end of compliments already from our owners and guests and I will highly recommend STILLA to other vessels,” adds Nikita Cloete, interior manager on board M/Y Triumph.

To find out more about how STILLA could transform your yacht's floral arrangements, contact them directly today.

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