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This Is The Best Way To Advance A Career In Yachting For Free

1 February 2023 By Laura Nicholls for Academy by Ephemeris

If this is the year you’ve decided to take the leap into the world of yachting and crewing, you’re in luck. Gone are the days when prospective crewmembers are endlessly searching for information on how to kickstart their career and change their life, because thanks to Academy by Ephemeris, the correct guidance is in one place, and entirely for free.

Academy by Ephemeris is a brand-new academic platform that is the first to offer a free online superyacht career guide. The simple step-by-step guide outlines career paths for anyone looking to delve into the departments of engineering, the galley, interiors and decks. What students are given is comprehensive advice on what certificates and training are required for their chosen role, and most importantly, where to find accredited teachers and training providers to study with.

The time it should take to complete each section of the pathway and the sea time required is also indicated. And there are also resources for parents, carers and guardians of budding crewmembers to help understand what a career at sea could be like, including the salary.

With 9,191 yachts afloat today and counting, there’s a growing number of career opportunities in the exciting industry of yachting with promises of adventure, travel, financial rewards and further career opportunities. When looking to secure a job on your perfect yacht, any extra knowledge and experience gained through Academy by Ephemeris will place you in the fast lane ahead of your peers.

And the best thing is, the people behind the scenes at Academy by Ephemeris have extensive experience in the yachting industry and know what they are talking about. Their first-hand experience has been poured into the online resources and has already helped several students move closer to their goals of living and working at sea.

Once you’re settled into your new career, there may be a time when you are wanting to take the next step up the ladder. To make this as easy as possible, Academy by Ephemeris has the tools to further your education and subsequently boost your career.

So, what are you waiting for? In just a few clicks you can have succinct and reliable information and a profile ready to match you with your perfect trainer. To find out more, visit the Academy by Ephemeris website here.

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