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The Engineer Experience: How To Make Fixing Engines Easier

31 October 2022 By Laura Nicholls for Everglades Diesel

When you’re servicing superyachts and their engines, it is often the case that the project at hand needs to be completed quickly and to a high standard. But when a certain part requires specialist knowledge and is difficult to source, who do you turn to?

For Falk Boehme, an ex-service engineer and manager for the Motor Services Hugo Stamp (MSHS), the answer is Everglades Diesel. During his 17 years with MSHS, Falk has worked on some of the world’s largest and most well-known superyachts that are still cruising the seas. These yachts often required annual maintenance checks of their high-speed and medium-speed diesel that were built with specialist fuel system components.

“These yachts were annual repeat customers and they kept us busy. We would follow them around the world to repair their engines, and we would rely on Everglades Diesel for special fuel and air system components, such as fuel injectors, fuel pumps, and turbochargers,” he explains.

Since 1966, once a small diesel fuel repair shop in Fort Lauderdale, Everglades Diesel has become a full-service entity dedicated to the repair of diesel fuel injection and turbochargers, as well as parts sales in South Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America. “As an engineer, I spoke to the team at Everglades Diesel almost every day. We all struck up a good and professional relationship and our working methods were always pleasant and a comfortable way of doing business,” explains Falk. “It was partly because of this that I moved to become Everglades Diesel’s business development manager in 2021,” he adds.

With the beneficial grassroots expertise of people such as Falk in the business, Everglades Diesel ensures that each and every project it deals with can be completed by highly experienced technicians and staff who have a customer-first mindset. “Every project is special,” says Falk. “Everything that comes out from Everglades Diesel is trusted for its high level of quality. Plus, I have seen first-hand how quickly the company can turn projects around for its customers.”

One of the most recent deliveries from Everglades Diesel was for a 45-meter private superyacht requiring an urgent fuel and air system component service. Over the course of two weeks, Everglades Diesel performed component overhauls of the main engines Bosch fuel pumps, injectors, and turbochargers. The fault was caused by fuel contamination which subsequently affected the engine’s performance. The yacht’s crew were able to remove the contaminated components and send them to the Everglades Diesel facility. The company’s technicians then inspected, overhauled, and calibrated the injectors and injection pumps to OEM specifications, as well as reconditioning the four turbochargers.

“Without Everglades Diesel our schedule would not have been met and our season would have been cut short,” says Capt. Oskar Schonback. “The team understood the importance of the tasks and kept up good communication as the project evolved. We really appreciated the last-minute help and high-quality results. As always, the team did a great job,” he adds.

“I have been in this situation before,” says Falk. “I know that the team here at Everglades Diesel always push hard, as it [is] very common that people need things in an emergency. We will always come through, even if it means the team are working through the night.”

This 45-meter yacht in particular is a long-standing repeat customer of Everglades Diesel and has turned to the firm for various fuel and air system components from various locations in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. “And no matter how specialized the scope of services or how tight the schedule is, Everglades Diesel always pulls through and myself and the crew are always very pleased with the thorough handling of the projects,” says Capt. Schonback.

If you’re working on a project that requires specialist engine parts and/or service, Everglades Diesel is available. For more information, contact the firm directly here or call (954) 522-1780; (800) 843-3931.


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