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April 2017                  



The Magnificent Med

Add these hidden gems to your bucket list.

Eco Warriors! 

Crew are making an environmental difference on board and off. Get inspired to do the same.


Eco Fixes for a Low-Emission Future

Find out what technologies are on the horizon to reduce yachting’s global footprint.


The Perfect Engine Room 

Engineers weigh in on what their ideal engine room looks like.

Landing the Job 

Your guide to scoring your dream position is right here in this month’s recruitment special.


The 17th Azimut-Benetti Yachtmaster  

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   March 2017                  



Food Fight!

Navigate the chaos of provisioning with these tips. 

Dare to Dine? 

As food culture changes, are guests open to more adventurous dishes? 


Outward Bound

Captains who have sailed to the world’s remote reaches share their advice on prepping for adventure cruising. 


Crocodile Tiers 

With Tier IV on the horizon, will engines be able to comply with the stringent regulations?

Pretty in Paint 

From perfecting a paint job to vinyl wraps, get the scoop on all things paint in this special section. 


The 17th Antigua Concours de Chef  

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 February 2017                



Looking the Part

Is hiring discrimination becoming a thing of the past? 

The Politics of Personality 

Address a personality clash the right way before it costs you your job. 


Swallowing the Anchor

Contemplating moving ashore? Take a cue from captains who have done the same. 


A Destabilizing Effect 

Find out what’s being done to get stabilization balanced. 


The 2016 Antigua Charter Yacht Show  

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January 2017                



All in Order

The 2017 Global Order Book reveals the state of yachting and what it means for crew jobs. 

Child’s Play 

Do you know how to handle toddlers and babies on board? 


Positively Charged

Just how positive — or negative — is the future of batteries? 


AIS of the Organic Kind 

Find out what you need to know about ballast water — the penalties are painful. 


The 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show  

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