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Patience and The Superyacht Stewardess

 Finding Patience On a charter superyacht in season it may be weeks before your next day off. You may be having to deal with, literally, the most demanding people on the planet for as many as 18 hours of the day.     In this environment perfection is a minimum requirement, and under these strains a superyacht stewardess has to develop superhuman levels of patience. It's not a job for everyone, but those who get a thrill from providing immaculate service in difficult circumstances have plenty of tips to share for those who are finding patience difficult to come by.  Working in > more

Widespread Chick V mosquito borne virus in Cariibean this year

Chikungunya virus is widewspread in the Caribbean now. This long lasting, painful virus is spread by infected mosquitoes. Cover up (yeah right!) or use a good repellent. Those nasty chemicals may be a better option than the virus. > more

Crew positions start ASAP

So you've been in your current job for a little over two years and thinking of making a change.  You have upgraded your qualifications and want to progress.  You've been half looking for six months and your starting to see the job market heat up and notice there's a lot of START ASAP JOBS. Ummmm what happened to the other person? Why does the job sound awesome, but the salary suck? The captain has been there for years and the owners are nice people, but why does this boat have a bad reputation and burn through crew? Heavy charters, big > more
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