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Dream job nightmare

I scored a dream job in the Mediterranean which swiftly became a nightmare.   The captain fancied female crew, persecuted male crew which had bigger stones than him.  Frequent crew change meant nobody new the boat and important maintenance was missed.  Crew where so concerned about the weird mood swings of the old man they locked cabin doors at night and avoided dealing with him. A trip to the wheelhouse was like listening to a broken record. The Captain quite literally had voices in his head. Emails from the Captain where rambles, that where poorly assembled at zero dark thirty because this guy had the > more

2014 ACYS Concours de Chef

Once again, it was a tough competition between yacht chefs in this years Antigua Charter Yacht Show's Concours de Chef. This year's theme was a Gourmet Caribbean dinner totally gluten-free. As part of the competition, stewardesses competed in the Tablescaping Competition that highlight the pineapple, and boy were the imaginations creative.  After three days of judging in three categories — yachts 160 feet and greater, 100 to 159 feet and less than 100 feet — the decision wasn't handed down until a few hours before the award ceremony. Sponsored by Dockwalk, ShowBoats, Boat International Media,, Champagne Nicolas feuillatte, Liat > more

FOOD MELANGE....Spicing Up Your Food Repertoire!

     For chefs in the industry today the competition is over the top, the industry is being flooded by newbies and landlubbers.  Your best defense is a great offense.  On your team should be an amazing CV free of spelling errors, free of fluff, streamlined and with the proper qualifications for the jobs you seek and a clear, uncluttered, non-lengthy objective.  The profile portion can be animated at the interview.  Also, your team should consist of reference page only given upon request on a separate page.  Be careful who you are sending your documents to with sensitive information like > more
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