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Leading with an angry voice

Leading with an angry voice, always sounding critical and not being seen as a working Captain is the surest way to burn through crew. I once worked with a Captain that worked short hours, ruffled everyones feathers while onboard and spent more time working on crossword puzzles than doing something constructive. Leaving it to everyone else is not leadership, its poor management. When crew moral is down, drama is up and people start looking for a way out. Reputations are made and broken by word of mouth and crew love to tell tall stories when their socializing with other crew. > more


     Hello everyone out there in yachtland!  Whether you are looking for work as a solo act or on a team or transitioning from either land to sea, or sea to land, or any position and most any transition especially from the world of cruiselines, rivercruises or even the navy there is a site out there you can post your CV on to get noticed without having to do all that bloody dock walking.  I have been doing research on these sites and have used many of them in my pursuit for helping candidates whether they have 25 years experiences or > more

Superyacht Stewardess Job: Everything you need to know about what you are going to be doing when you land your first job!

You’ve seen all those amazing Facebook pics of stewardesses living it up whilst they work on a Superyacht, but what the hell do they actually do for a job whilst they are working? These details are way out of my range, so we’ve turned to Kylie O’Brien from The Stewardess Bible with 20 years of industry knowledge to give you the rundown of what a superyacht stewardess actually does for work. Over to you Kylie!What Does a Superyacht Stewardess Do?Imagine a seven star hotel with all the rooms occupied, now imagine all the things that have to be done at that hotel > more
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