Dovaston Crew

Dovaston Crew
Carrer de Versalles 9A
Palma de Mallorca 07015

Tel: +34 971 677 375

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Dovaston Crew 

Company Profile

Fred Dovaston served as a yacht captain for 25 years. For 11 years he was captain and manager of a luxury 53 metre yacht, which cruised the World with 11 professional crew and logged more than 130,000 nautical miles. When he started the agency, in February 1996, he knew, from first hand experience the needs and necessities of the industry's employers as well as those of the employees. This wealth of knowledge, combined with today's information technology, has allowed the company to become a World Leader in the placement of professional yacht crew.

Expanding to Meet a Growing Market

The company offices opposite the Marivent Palace in Palma are equipped to handle the increasing demands of this very specialised service. With a team of 12 staff we are able to offer a very professional and personal service in the rapidly growing crew placement market.

We Have Our Finger On The Pulse

The world of professionally crewed yachts is relatively small, where news travels fast. It is within this world that word of mouth has been our best promoter for recruiting professional crew. Since opening our office in February 1996, over 25,000 captains, mates, engineers, chefs, service staff & deckhands of all levels and nationalities have registered with us.

Making The Most Of Technology

Requests for our services are coming from all corners of the World. With today's communications technology, handling placements on the far side of the globe is as simple as handling them on our own doorstep. Emailing CVs and coloured photographs to clients is no longer a technological novelty. Realising that sifting through hundreds of CVs every day would be an inefficient way of making a selection, we have developed a unique database specifically geared to matching crew with specific job description criteria.

Our Candidate Selection Process

Through our structured interviewing process we are able to build a detailed picture of each individuals qualifications,level of abilities, character and personal needs. Although these interviews are a time consuming process they are the key to our success. We are a pro-active business that continues to develop and improve its service to meet the exacting demands of the yachting industry.