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Experienced deckhand looking for long term work on sailing yachts

  • Name: Robert Russell
  • Positions: Bosun/Lead Deckhand, Dechand/Divemaster, Deckhand
  • Current Location: Auckland, New Zealand
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Experienced dive instructor looking for a deckhand position on motor yachts

  • Name: Jeremie PINGAULT
  • Positions: Dechand/Divemaster, Deckhand, Deckhand (Divemaster preferred), Deckhand/Dive Instructor
  • Current Location: Antibes
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Experienced Deckhand / Dive Instructor looking for a permanent position. Currently based in Palma, but happy to move about.

  • Name: Jocelyn Tysoe
  • Positions: Dechand/Divemaster, Deckhand, Deckhand/ Bosun, Deckhand/Dive Instructor
  • Current Location: Palma, Spain

  • About Me:
    I have always had a love of the ocean, with my father as a commercial fisherman my marine based career has been inbuilt from an early age, seeing me become a dive instructor then moving into sailing.   More...
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