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I am an experienced Deckhand based in Ft. Lauderdale looking for Daywork, Charters or fulltime.

  • Name: Greg Wilson
  • Positions: Daywork, Daywork engine room cleaning and painting, Deckhand, Delivery
  • Current Location: Ft Lauderdale
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Captain Available

  • Name: James Gilmour
  • Positions: Captain, Couple - Captain and Chief Stewardess, Delivery, Relief Captain
  • Current Location: Palma
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Deckhand / yoga teacher looking for my third season / full time job.

  • Name: Elaine Riley
  • Positions: Deck/Stew, Deckhand, Delivery, Yoga Instructor
  • Current Location: Manchester, UK

  • About Me:
    Very confident with driving tenders. Love all aspects of deck work and eager to learn more. Before yachting my previous security job had me held up in armed robberies four times. This has helped me   More...
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