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Deckhand / Water sports instructor

  • Name: Julien De Facq
  • Positions: Deck/ Stewardess/ Watersports, Deckhand, Deckhand / Lead Deckhand - Bosun, Tender Driver
  • Current Location: Spain, Palma de Mallorca

  • About Me:
    With almost two years in the industry, I gained a huge amount of experience, most importantly to adapt my strongest background skill, tender driving & water sports up to yachting standards. I   More...
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Reliable, Experienced, Tender Capt., Bosun, Deckhand/Water Sports Instructor

  • Name: Benjamin Yeager
  • Positions: Bosun, Chase Boat Driver, Lead Deckhand, Tender Driver
  • Current Location: Antigua, Caribbean

  • About Me:
    Dear Sir or Madam I am looking for an active, fun ocean loving crew on a 45-70M Charter S/Y or M/Y with a world wide Itinerary to spend a few years with. I have great qualifications and am   More...
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