Showing: Junior Housekeeping Steward/ess

Jr. Deck Stew looking for work on motor yachts

  • Name: Evan Longsworth
  • Positions: Deck Stew, Junior Deckhand, Junior Housekeeping Steward/ess, Junior Stewardess
  • Current Location: Fort Lauderdale

  • About Me:
    Please review my CV and consider my application to any entry level Deckhand or Deck Stew position as I transition into and gain some experience in the Luxury Yacht Industry. With eleven years in the   More...
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I'm looking for a Stewardess position aboard a yacht.(In the Mediterranean)

  • Name: Karolina Lekston
  • Positions: 3rdStew/laundry, Junior Housekeeping Steward/ess, Junior Stewardess, Stew/Deck/Housekeeper
  • Current Location: Barcelona- Spain

  • About Me:
    I am a person with great work adaptability and flexibility who thrives at being a member of a professional team.I contribute to a positive environment with enthusiasm and I get a great sense of job   More...
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