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Experienced Deckhand looking for work on a motor yacht

Experienced Deckhand looking for work, Canadian Citizen,lots of charter experience

  • Name: Kevin Gentles
  • Positions: Daywork, Deck Positions, Deckhand, Deckhand/Stew
  • Current Location: Gibraltar

  • About Me:
    Looking for a deckhand position on either a sailing or motor yacht. I have plenty of charter experience in the Caribbean on a 65' trimaran that took up to 12 guests on week long charters. The yacht   More...
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Entry level deckhand looking for on motor yacht mediterranean, carribean or any seas.

  • Name: Prince Philip Libay
  • Positions: crew, Deck Positions, Deckhand, Galley Hand
  • Current Location: Philippines

  • About Me:
    My objective is to work as a deckhand on a sail or motor vessel or yacht 60' to 400’. My long term objective is to eventually become a Captain. I am a highly self motivated, hard worker willing to lea   More...
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