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Experienced marine Chief Engineer looking for work.

  • Name: Boris Rados
  • Positions: Chief Engineer, Project Engineer, Rotation Engineer
  • Current Location: At home

  • About Me:
    Referring to the job application, I can highlight some jobs in which I was involved in my career in the past: - Reefer vessel Dry docking (approx 10 years experience including Subarctic operating   More...
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Experience Engineer researching for new challenge

  • Name: Oscar Alberto Perez Perez
  • Positions: 1st Engineer, Chief Engineer
  • Current Location: Europe

  • About Me:
    Good Day; After completion of my 5 year University Degree in Bachelor of Nautical Sciences, I started my career on board Crude Oil tankers in 1993, spent 7 years mastering the systems on board the va   More...
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