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Master 500 GT OOW 500, master 200 stcw , all certs up to date available anywhere in the Med

  • Name: Loïc Mandon
  • Positions: 1st Mate, 1st Officer, Captain, OOW/Bosun
  • Current Location: Marseilles, France

  • About Me:
    Passionate by sailing, watersports and adventure, I have a real willing to gain experience as much as I can from the bottom to the top, and with almost 10 professionnal years in the yachting industry   More...
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Skilled and confident Skipper.

  • Name: Blai Garriga Plana
  • Positions: 1st Engineer, 1st Mate, Captain, Captain and Mate
  • Current Location: Spain

  • About Me:
    I'm a 32 year old skipper who is been sailing all around the world. I'm also an experienced mechanic, navigator and I never stopped improving and going further in my knowledge about sailing boats, nav   More...
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Looking for a relief spot.Would love a full time expedition/Sportfish position.


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