Showing: Chef and Stewardess Couple position

Experienced Professional Chef & Stewardess couple looking for work on a Motor yacht World Wide

Experienced stewardess seeking a couple's position with experienced head chef on a motor yacht worldwide

  • Name: Jessica Matthews
  • Positions: 2nd Stewardess, Chef and Stewardess Couple position, Stewardess, STEWARDESS / HEAD OF HOUSEKEEPING
  • Current Location: Fort Lauderdale
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massage/beauty therapist seeking work on board a motor/sailing yacht in the Mediterranean

  • Name: Sarah Taber
  • Positions: All positions, Chef and Stewardess Couple position, Massage/Beauty Therapist/Stewardess, mate/steward(ess)/deckie
  • Current Location: Charleston, South Carolina, USA

  • About Me:
    Hi there! Service with a smile! I've spent 17 wonderful years massaging and 20 in the food service and hospitality industry. I am excited to blend these experiences and take them off shore. I am   More...
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