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Luxury Leftovers: A Crew Food Fiesta!

May 20th 08
By Chef Peter Ziegelmeier

The charter has ended, the guests are gone…. So, what can we do with the tasty morsels still on board?

Eat them, of course.

Luxury yachts, when properly provisioned, always have more than enough quality food available. This means lots of delectable leftovers can be enjoyed by crew if they’re creative enough to work with the ingredients in the galley…and I think we are all up to the challenge.

Luxury leftovers, such as dried seasonings, bread, meats and aged cheeses, make excellent additions to countless crew meals and can help stave off hunger while the crew continues to work – and play – on the boat.


You’d be surprised at the glorious goodies hiding in plain view in the galley cupboards. What you can’t eat outright, you can add or infuse into something else to make it even more delicious. Get excited, get creative – a gastronomic feast awaits!


Here’s a quick idea to sample and savor. Enjoy:

Chicken a la Crew


Chicken is wonderful to marinate and either grill or pan sear before finishing in the oven. It may sound like it takes a great deal of time, but it’s easy.

Ziploc-style storage bags are excellent for safekeeping of either ready-to-eat items or for marinating foods (try to double bag to prevent leakage and thus cross contamination, especially with chicken).

If you have leftover herbs from a busy weekend, charter or whatever the situation is you can cut those up and make blends with dried seasonings as well. A favorite combination is extra virgin olive oil, dried Italian seasonings, fresh basil, minced onion, garlic and fresh cracked black pepper.

Here’s a huge tip: Do not salt anything in marinades or use a high sodium soy sauce for marinating. Doing so pushes the moisture from the product only to dry the meat or fish out more.

Blend all the ingredients in a bowl. Add the chicken and, if you have gloves, wear them to avoid contamination from salmonella and other invisible nasties. Squeeze the herb mixture into the chicken, place into a Ziploc bag, double bag it for safekeeping and refrigerate overnight.

The next day the marinated chicken will be ready for whatever cooking method you desire (broil, grill, bake, fry, etc.). This is when you add the salt for seasoning.

Never underestimate the benefits of bread. Crusty old bread ends are very useful, especially if you have a Panini press. And if you do not have one, I suggest you get one: They are virtually priceless.

I put some crazy sandwiches together with odds-and-ends from our journeys and the crew goes wild. Recently I put dried cranberries, some Sausalito deli turkey, Camembert-Brie style cheese and apple slices into some leftover sliced batard (bread). Add a dash of olive oil on both sides of the bread and into the Panini press it goes… Minutes later, “viola!” – cut and serve with a smile. It’s really gooood….

Here’s my point: Leftovers should never be left out when it comes to delicious dining. With just a few ingredients, and a lot of creativity, you are well on your way to creating interesting and fun crew meals, wherever you may be in the world.

What do you do with your yacht food leftovers? Post your comments below. Share some recipes or some crazy ideas you love to do with leftovers.

If you have other suggestions for convenient and creative crew food – sandwiches, soups, and salads – please don’t be shy. Share your crew food secrets with everyone at and let’s have fun with our food.

“Keep cooking good! See y’all soon! I’m Chef Peter Z…on the sea!"



Chef Peter Ziegelmeier is a versatile superyacht chef with a creative energy unlike anything you have ever seen before. Having roots in an Italian-German family, his love of food is seemingly genetic. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and has studied under 10 master chefs (there are only 50 in the world). Chef Peter Z. has had a whirlwind career in restaurants, private residence, catering, charter and private yachts, and casino cuisine, but he still finds time for blogging on his favorite food subjects.



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  • a great and inexpensive appliance is a Foreman Grill which can be used in the galley but also plugged in any outlet wherever a light meal would be prepared.

    I often make grilled sandwiches or paninis. I usually first grill them open with the meat (ham, turkey, etc... ) covering the cheese to protect it, then once that's grilled a little i fold them and finish grilling them closed.

    a good tasty alternative to mayo or butter on the bread is avocado, it can be spread like butter on the bread before laying out the other ingredients.
    Posted by Pascal_3 24/11/2008 12:54:39

  • Dawn....what is the craziest sandwich you have ever made for the crew?
    Posted by Chef Peter_1 04/06/2008 02:51:23

  • Great pieces of advice! Recently, I was interviewed in a German yachting magazine, Ocean. It featured some off-book topics from my book, Mediterranean Summer. Here's an excerpt relevant to your article:
    Q: "What did you do with the leftovers?"
    A: "I used to have funny conversations with the steward (who was French) about the differences between leftovers. They were either "les restes" or "l'avance". This was always a case by case decision, although "les restes" were clearly leftovers and this was considered a negative classification because of the effort in procurement and preparation. So we didn't say this often. However, "l'avance" was much more polite and being frugal also meant things could be turned into something else. For example, unused pieces of fish could be turned into a mousse or filling for ravioli."
    Posted by volochef 24/05/2008 18:34:24

  • Guests leftovers, should not be broadcast to the crew. owever, a Pain Chocolate, "pudding" is a favorite amoungst my crew. Deep fried, ribs and twice backed potatoes are always a hit, the morning after dropping off.
    Posted by dawnkochan 23/05/2008 20:40:56

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