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How to Help Your Guests Get Med Ready

Jun 9th 11
By Rubi McGrory

Not every summer guest aboard your yacht is an experienced world traveler. For some, this could be their first visit abroad; they may be surprised to find things are very different from home. While your guests won’t necessarily be open-mouthed tourists standing in the middle of the street looking at a map or taking pictures, could be pretty gob-smacked. You – yes, you – play a large role in helping them feel at home.


Just because a summer of yachting in the Med is the same old same old for you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be sensitive to your guests’ awe. Adding that tour-guide touch will make a big difference to your guests’ travel experience.


Here are a few Dos and Don’ts:

DON’T remind your guests that they left home to experience a different part of the world.

DO find out what most makes them feel at home and provide it whether it’s hazelnut-flavored, non-dairy creamer, poutine, streaming Fox news 24/7 or listening to NPR in the morning.

DON’T point out how their fellow countrymen are viewed by the local culture, unless, of course, it’s utter adoration.

DO encourage your guests to explore adventures on shore. Have the chef accompany the guests to the market then arrange a lunch of the local specialties, like bread, olives and cheeses, that they purchases while out and about.

DON’T insist that the local way is superior to what guests know or have at home.

DO give your guests a taste of the local flavor; everything from flowers to wine to music.

DON’T push guests beyond their comfort zones. Just because the regional specialty is stinky, runny cheese doesn’t mean it should be the pièce de résistance of dinner.

DO take the time to find out how adventurous your guests are and how much they want to assimilate. If they have young children, they may not be keen on adopting the local dinnertime of 11 p.m.; however, they might enthusiastically want to learn petanque or boccce.

DO invite them to partake in local café culture, either by whiling away the afternoon with a local beer or by sneaking off first thing in the morning for an espresso and croissant.

DO find something unique or interesting in every stop along the way and share it. Your guests will be happy to hear of how many armies have unsuccessfully breached the old city walls or the route to a secret hole in the wall café that serves the best socca along the Mediterranean coast.

DO familiarize yourself with regional artisans and handcrafts. Perhaps arrange a private tour of a studio or gallery.




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