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Busy or Bored in 2011

May 24th 11
By Claire Griffiths

Testing the waters on the 2011 Med season might seem unproductive – since the response you receive depends entirely on who and when you ask and how they feel like answering – but you’d be missing the point.


While no one has a crystal ball in hand, plenty of people have their finger on the pulse of the yachting community. Who better to speak with than Jacqui Lockhart of Select Charter Services and Chair of the MYBA Boat Show Committee? “The 2011 charter season got off to a very good start in January and February. Bookings slowed down in March and April, but by May most yachts had a few bookings. The MYBA Charter Show in Genoa in early May marks the start of the [summer] charter calendar and is an important event to showcase a large selection of yachts available on the market for the season ahead. By all accounts, 2011 is looking to be a successful charter year,” reported Lockhart


Capt. Dave Cherington of M/Y Il Cigno favoured busy over boring, having had strong enquiries at the MYBA Charter Show. “By all accounts, there was quite a lot of optimism from the captains I spoke to at the show, many of them had bookings already. My yacht is fairly new to the chartering scene, but we showed very well.  I'm looking forward to a busy season of chartering and owner trips,” Capt. Cherington said.


But one yacht captain remarked, “The way I see it: yes, there are people out there wanting to charter, but the owners have to be prepared to negotiate and entice them back to the industry. Let’s not forget how bad the last two to three seasons have been. The trend needs to be reversed or the clients will be lost to a different luxury industry.”


Successful charter Capt. Robert Bleecke of M/Y Sea Bluez is cautiously optimistic having already had a couple of static, local charters before the vessel set sail for Venice at the end of May. But he agreed that price remains an important issue, “I think most of the charters are still last minute bookings with almost everyone still looking for a bargain.” But he does have one slot booked for next year at the London Olympics at West India Dock where they are building a mini Riviera right in the heart (sort of) of Ye Goode Olde London Town. 

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