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Best and Worst Yacht Names

Jul 2nd 09
By Ima Bowter

How often have you walked the docks of a marina alternately snickering and shuddering at the names emblazoned on the transoms you pass along the way? Sea-DuctionBottoms UpSexual Heeling…. Can you imagine picking up the VHF mike and saying: “Monaco Yacht Club, this is Wet Dream?”

It’s true, not everyone can come up with a classic yacht name like Running Tide, Flying Cloud or Windward Passage, but sometimes it feels like they are not even making an attempt.

BoatU.S., the major American boat owner’s association, publishes a list of the Top 10 Boat Names on American transoms each year. Here’s the list it released this year – which includes its share of clunkers: 

  1. Seas the Day
  2. Summer Daze
  3. Second Chance
  4. Aqua-Holic
  5. Wind Seeker
  6. Dream Weaver
  7. Black Pearl (thank you, Pirates of the Caribbean)
  8. Hydrotherapy
  9. The Salt Shaker
  10. Sea Quest

A rival list put out by, offers a few more choice monickers:

1. Happy Ours

2. Carpe Diem

3. Aqua–Holic (a perennial favorite)

4. State of Mind

5. Anchor Management (groan!!)

6. The Office

7. Feelin’ Nauti

8. Yes Dear

9. Sundance

10. Serenity Now

Just plain Serenity has long been a top-ranked boat name – tacking on Now seems to add a note of desperation possibly indicative of the economic crisis. Frankly, I was surprised not to see more financial references among these Top 10 lists, such as Liquid Assets, Overdraft or A Crewed Interest.

(That last one was from an amusing list of Stupid Boat Names compiled by the sailors’ site Other winners from the site include Buoys in the Hood, Slipless in Seattle and Hot Ruddered Bum.

Even some superyacht owners have been unable to resist the impulse to make a nautical pun – witness the 282-foot Ecstasea. But most big-boat owners seem to choose a stately name for their new launch as befits a yacht of its stature. For example, Ocean Victory seems an entirely suitable name for the 248-foot premier yacht in Feadship’s new XL Series.

Recently, the age-old tradition of naming the boat after the owner’s wife or daughter (as in Talitha G and Christina O) seems to have been supplanted by a trend to combine the first two initials of everyone in the owner’s family together into a single word. Sometimes, this even works out – as in Vajoliroja, the name of Johnny Depp’s yacht (the former Anatolia). Say the name (which is derived from the names of Depp’s girlfriend Vanessa, the actor himself, daughter Lily Rose and son Jack) three times fast and it sounds like “The Jolly Roger.”

Going down Boat International USA’s 2009 list of the 100 Largest Yachts in the World, we feel compelled to give out the following awards:


Best Motor Yacht Name: Limitless. The name of this 315-foot motor yacht owned by Leslie Wexner, founder of retail clothing group Limited Brands, not only evokes his company, but also its sheer size and the extra-large complement of guests she is rated to take.


Best Sailing Yacht Name: Maltese Falcon. Computer scion Tom Perkins referenced the classic Dashiell Hammett private eye novel in naming his 289-foot clipper yacht after the precious statuette that everyone is after in the book.

Most Colorful Name: Bart Roberts. The dread pirate Roberts lives on in this rugged 265-foot explorer yacht.


Most Enigmatic: A. We feel a bit sorry for this captain. “Monaco Yacht Club…this is A…do you have A slip?”


Worst Yacht Name: Bashrah Breeze. If we took possession of this 269-foot motor yacht (ex-Al Yamamah, ex-Quadissiyat Saddam), originally constructed for Saddam Hussein, we wouldn’t name it after a city in Iraq or anything else that reminds us of the former owner.


Runner Up: DILBAR

Please post your favorite best and worst yacht names below.




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  • I get it!!! My Dixie Wrecked!!
    Posted by Kilotango 09/07/2009 02:22:36

  • A few more from locally here in Wales: Dog house, Eau K wich is supposed to be a sort of swiss joke but try saying it three times to the Coastguard " this is Eau k....." We are Eau K! Shy Talk is a favourite. Naughty boy I quite like also. I wanted to call my 7.5 m rib Quack but the family stopped me.
    Posted by Captain Stern 08/07/2009 17:13:42

  • Worst name - Maxseapad
    Posted by Jan_1 08/07/2009 13:42:31

  • My absolute favorite name for a boat must be written down and read aloud by a guy of your choosing while in a crowded bar for maximum effectiveness. The name of the boat in question? "My Dixie Wrecked". The resulting laughter that ensues from the poor clueless guy repeating the name before finally "getting it" is priceless!
    Posted by Lucky7 08/07/2009 12:00:16

  • You may choose to delist this one, it can be read as polite, at first, then rude and was obviously created by an owner fed up with others' jealousy; Yurekantu.
    Posted by mikeo 08/07/2009 10:27:57

  • I heard a clever one about one guy who hated to tell his associates he was off on his yacht. He came up with the perfect name; when anyone called, his secretary could say that he was away on "Other Business" without lying.
    Posted by Lauren 07/07/2009 19:59:12

  • Worst name I've seen was on a 112' Westport called "Passion for Excellence" <groan, eyeroll>. One of the cutest that I've seen was on an 80' (apprx) sailboat we were docked next to in Croatia and Montenegro last year named "Cookielicious"...who can resist smiling when seeing that name? However, the captain did remark that it is quite a pain when having to spell it out with the maritime alphabet.
    Posted by Haley_3 07/07/2009 02:46:51

  • One of my favorite yacht names is on the transom of the racing sailboat Fujimo. It's reputed to be an acronym for the pronouncement made by the owner, who was getting a divorce at the time of her launch, "F__ You Jane, I'm Moving On.
    Posted by WordNerd 07/07/2009 02:41:25

  • I traded T-shirts with a vessel in Costa Rica Called "Lucky Sperm" it was registered in Climax Pennsylvania.....
    Posted by Adam_5 07/07/2009 00:26:05

  • I know of a Marina Builder with a vessel ¨Berth Control¨ and one of my favs is ¨She got the House¨
    Posted by Ryan_8 05/07/2009 13:47:38

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