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Natural Selection at Work?

Apr 17th 09
By Claire Griffiths

To get a feel for the economic currents swirling out there, 20-plus captains were surveyed at the 9th Azimut-Benetti Yachtmaster in Marrakech last month. The three question survey produced mixed results.

To the statement, “My boss has changed his yachting lifestyle drastically,” just under 50 percent agreed that budgets have been cut, crew dropped and itineraries sliced. Others disagreed, claiming it was too early to tell or that owners were low profile and modest and would remain so.

To statement two, “There are large cost savings possible on my yacht;” again, just more than half disagreed and warned of the impact of short-term savings on the yacht’s future performance. The only real option to make savings was by dismissing crew.

Finally, to “Crew salaries will drop,” a small majority disagreed, but accepted that entry-level salaries are likely to drop and wage rises will be less dramatic. Interior crew salaries are already out of line, some said. The change in exchange rates has meant some captains have suffered pay cuts as high as 25 percent. Hein Velema, CEO of Fraser Yachts, gave his impressions of what the future holds for the yachting industry during the seminar.

Choosing to keep his thoughts carefully balanced between the good, the bad and the ugly, the summary holds few surprises – the credit crunch is going to weed out the weak and leave a stronger, fitter industry in its wake. The wealthy have lost money and it has become less socially acceptable to be seen owning a yacht, Velema says. What’s more, yacht finance options are limited. But on the other hand, there still exist a large number of wealthy people waiting for the right opportunities to come along. Real yachtsmen, Velema believes, will not abandon their boats.

On the supply side, shipyards with high debts will find it difficult to survive and new shipyards that have yet to build up enough “fat” will go under. But costs of materials and supplies will drop and stable shipyards will increase their market share. Efficiency will increase.

Service-wise, Velema believes, there’s a strong focus on cost saving with crew salaries dropping and yachts being put to sleep (he knows of one yacht once 38-crew strong now down to only six). But on the sunnier side, charter revenues have become more important with charterers making last-minute bookings. There are plenty of experienced crew available and Velema believes the number of yachts will keep growing in the next couple of years.



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  • It seems this Debbie person seems to have so much time on her hands all she does all day is make stupid, silly remarks that quite frankly are a waste of space in the forums, As I was once told, if you don't have anything positive to say then don't say anything at all, contructive comments to enable discussion are a positve thing, consistantly slagging off everything and everyone is quite frankly very boring. And yes I am one of the Captains in the picture and yes I have hired crew based on a certain image, its called the owners criteria and before she starts ranting and raving we had nine crew of eight nationalities. The difference is we were all hired for our knowledge and commitement and have all worked for many years in the industry, most of us have made huge sacrifices to get where we are today.
    Posted by Teruke 21/04/2009 17:33:12

  • So perhaps then we should go down the road of the airlines and base our selections entirely on availability. Who cares if they have half their teeth missing, as long as they can perform silver service on a super yacht
    Posted by bradsontour_1 21/04/2009 14:59:53

  • Wow. So many not so attractive captains. I guess that's typical... I bet half of these people have hired both men and women based on a certain image...or in order to find a girlfriend. What else is new. Anybody miss me? It's been a whole two days!
    Posted by Debbie_1 19/04/2009 01:22:44

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