Luxury Yacht Group Announces Winners

Nov 18th 08

After months of waiting, contestants in the first Luxury Yacht Group photo contest heard the news they'd been anticipating as the top three photos were crowned. And competition was stiff -- more than 4,000 photos (4,100 to be exact) were entered in the company’s contest, which began more than three months ago.

The first two months of the contest were open to all, including amateur and professional photographers, with the criteria to capture yachting at its best. Due to the overwhelming number of photos entered, the contest was extended several times until the top 20 were narrowed down. After the final selection, the month-long voting process for the top three began. The first place winner received US$1,500, second place earned US$1,000 and third place took home US$500.

And the winners are…

 First place: Max Lettner
 Second place: Chris Sutherland
 Third place: Capt. Mark O'Connell


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  • wow, it really must have been hard judging. of the millions of photos taken by yacht crew each year, these really stand out.
    Posted by notmyrealname 20/11/2008 01:55:58

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