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The Best and Worst Places for Female Solo Travel

Mar 13th 18
By Hillary Hoffower

A few months ago, one female crewmember took to our forum seeking suggestions on where to travel solo. Traveling by yourself can be daunting, especially in a world where dangers increasingly seem to be lurking right and left, but the number of solo female travelers has been on the rise over the past few years. Done right, it can be a relatively safe and rewarding experience. In the second part of our travel series, we talked to the experts on four of the best — and worst — places for female crew to travel to by themselves. While this list is not exclusive, you’ll definitely want to mark these locations with a green or red light. 


Best Places 



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New Zealand 

The Land of the Long White Cloud is one of the most visited countries by solo travelers, according to global marine travel company ISS GMT’s marketing manager, Julia Russell. “It’s extremely safe and easy to get around and meet people,” she says. She recommends joining in with a local adventure planner, such as Women’s Adventures NZ, to meet other solo female travelers. With breathtaking views around every corner, outdoor adventure is available everywhere. Fun fact: commercial bungee jumping began with New Zealand’s own A.J. Hackett — release some adrenaline and take the leap at one of these four locations.