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Crew with a Cause: Lift Your Ship

Sep 22nd 17
By Hillary Hoffower


M/Y Talitha is at it again. They’ve rowed across the Atlantic to raise money for UNICEF, completed as many press-ups as there were crossing miles, and performed more than 1,000,000 burpees with other yachts to help reduce waste on board.


This time, the physically fit crew is taking on a new challenge: “Lift Your Ship,” in which they aim to lift the weight of Talitha in one month — 1,450 tonnes, approximately. And as always, this challenge is not without a charitable cause: funding hurricane relief to an area devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The crew will raise money equal to the weight lifted, and equivalently, the tonnage of the yacht, making a €1,450 donation toward rebuilding efforts — which friends, family, and the owner can add to, of course.


While they began the challenge before they knew of the impending storms, there was no question that they could transform it into a good cause once disaster struck. “There’s a connection in the effort needed from all crew to lift your ship as there is to pulling your weight (virtually) in a combined effort to rebuilding an area, island, or country we’ve all enjoyed and hope to keep enjoying for many years,” says Capt. Guy Morrall.


The crew will largely donate the funds to Antigua and Barbuda, two islands they closely associate with. “Our first thought was to contact ABSAR to find out how they’ve been involved and how we could help them,” says Morrall. “They’re the people on the ground, waiting to help in any emergency, and I have no doubt they’ve dropped everything to be there for all [who] need them.”


Instead of just sending a check, the crew plans to find out what is needed, such as building materials, paint, or pumps, and take it across, or fund the donation if not crossing. Morrall adds he’d also like to help BWA and MB92, who are putting together a fund and collection point for anyone to donate useful materials, which yachts leaving Barcelona and bound for the Caribbean will then take across.


“Having something like this to focus the crew is always positive in the end, but it’s hard work getting there,” says Morrall.


But hard work is always more endurable when others are involved. If successful, Talitha will challenge a few of the yachts that participated in their WhatNot2Waste challenge to do the same. The rules are simple — crew must shoulder or bench press something above their head and collectively match the net, gross, or displacement tonnage of the yacht in 30 days or as quickly as they can. Crew can lift any weight above their head.


“Although we’re lifting ‘weights,’ we’re also trying to be creative with what we lift,” says Morrall, whose crew has been lifting everything from water toys to fellow crewmembers (see below). “It would be nice to see other boats doing the same.”


Yachts, the challenge is on — how much will you be lifting, and ultimately, donating toward hurricane relief?