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Top 5 Reasons to Post in Our Forum

Aug 7th 08
By Matt Gomez

You’ve seen the Forum at, but have you posted your own question or comment yet?

If not, or if you’re completely befuddled by online forums, here are the top five reasons why you should post to the forum:

5. Ask an Expert. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

Someone else is already wondering about the question you’re about to ask. Beat them to the punch. has lined up a variety of topics experts ranging from legal, medical, regulations and health insurance to training, accounting, air conditioning, engineering and weather.

Don’t be shy: The experts are waiting for your questions and they are eager to help. Post them in the forum.

4. Find a Job. Tell us why you’re the best person for the job, no matter what the job may be. Post your interests in our forum. We’ve even created a “Hire Me” section just for you.

Find the position for which you’d most like to apply and send a message. These forums are reviewed by the people who do the hiring, so get your information in front of them.

3. Post a job opportunity. Stop stressing about the shortage of quality crew. List your available openings and watch crew flock to them.

Post your opportunities in the appropriate forum section and get ready to review the qualifications of talented crew from around the globe.

2. Become a community activist. Dip your toe into the forum and see what’s going on or boldly step forward and shout your opinions to the world.

Speak directly to fellow members by posting questions in any section. Leave your replies after others post and begin a dialogue. You’ll make new friends and establish business relationships.

The contacts you make in the forum can be invited as friends on your My Dockwalk page.

1. It’s fun. Posting to the forum is a liberating experience. You’ll feel invigorated by your efforts. At the same time, you’ll be on pins and needles waiting for responses from fellow crew.

Join the fun. Get active, get involved. Post in the forum today.

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