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What's All the Blogging About?

Jul 28th 08
By Matt Gomez

Got a gripe? Get a blog. Have an opinion? Start blogging. Want your voice to be heard? Bloggedy blog blog blog.


Since the launch of registered users have been invited to express their opinions through a quick and easy medium: the blog.


While Web logs (blogs, for short) are not know to everyone, they are growing in popularity and many members of are making themselves comfortable on our site.

Blogging is easy. It just takes initiative, imagination and the desire to be published. And proper spelling is optional, though it is strongly encouraged.


Each day brings another opportunity to blog and you'll find many established bloggers already pecking away each day at Here are just a few excerpts of the blogs you may have missed this month:


"Something happens when you take eating out of it's ritualized place and recontextualize the space. By changing your guests expectations, you are giving them a permission slip to have an unmitigated good time..." - Rubi, July 26


"There’s a tendency among Crosshaven barmen to serve mammoth measures of spirits in the late afternoon, it would seem with the intention of eradicating any silly ideas about going back to the crew-house for a shower, maintaining contact with loved ones, eating. By chucking-out time the measures are a quarter of the size and twice the price." - Peter Grogan, July 21


"A small yacht sets sail on port side. Looks like a single man sailing – wonder where he is going but then realise I don’t really care as it can’t be much better than where I am right now." - Matt Brown, July 16


"In the Med people often talk of suppliers coming to the boat and offering 'personal discounts' whereby they return, in cash, 10% of the cost to you if you bought from them. But ask anyone to name one and you get some funny looks but never an answer. There is a very distinct 'Not my business' attitude that precludes people from reporting on what is illegal and dishonest behaviour." - Mike French, July 14


"She leaped off her mother's lap and hurled herself at the dog - grabbing him around the mid-section and clawing at his fur until he let go. Securing the ball for herself, she screamed out a triumphant, "EHHHHHH!" before giving the dog an open fisted punch in the mouth."  - Dan, July 10


" I made my way to the lazzerette where the hydraulic pack and steering system is located. This area is generally reserved for midgets, or little people, you get the idea, it is friggin' small, OK? Why manufacturers put gear in a wet place like this little slice of hell, I have no idea. Usually when something goes bad in there, it is reminiscent of knowing your father is going to kick your ass when you get home from school for running over the assistant principal." - Diesel Doc, July 1


Join the blogging party: It's easy and fun.


Go to your My Dockwalk page and click "Blogs." Take a deep breath: You're on your way.


Next click "Add Post" to open a blank template. Now, start writing.


The topics covered in the blogs are as varied as your imagination. With the diverse cultural mix of personalities already in the community, you're bound to find something amazing.


Share your personality, your creativity and your stories in the blog section. You'll develop fans who will love your work and it will help give you a new perspective on life in the yachting industry.


With so many rich opportunities for wonderful stories, there's plenty to blog about. Get started today!




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